Preblast: Devil’s Turn

Preblast: Devil’s Turn

So the Thornruck is over (proud to say RT and I made it through) and the Mudrun is on the horizon.  Now is the time to work on our VO2 max again.

The plan is to emulate the high intensity running (with some waiting) that will be present in the Mudrun.  Warning to the purists out there, this will not be a scientific workout.  It is raw and basic.

The plan:

– Launch from the greenway lot at the corner of Rea Rd and Bevington Pl at 5:15am (Haggis and Wingman plan to arrive early so you do not run us over)

– Get in a good 1 mile fellowship pace warmup

– From then on, every uphill should be a sprint with a recovery jog until everyone is back together

– If the leaders reach the next hill before the last person regroups, circle back until everyone can sprint the hill together.

– Once at the S. Charlotte Middle school track, we will divide into groups according to what you desire.

Option 1) 15min boot camp for those on the 4-mile plan

Option 2) 400m (1 lap) intervals with 1/2 lap recovery (5 intervals total)

Option 3) tempo pace 8 laps of the track

– On the way back, repeat the hill intervals and regroup until we reach Bevington Pl and then jailbreak back to the parking lot.

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