Pay tribute with burpees

Pay tribute with burpees

8 men arrived at The Maul to pay tribute to the beast.

The Thang:


SSH X 25

IW X 25

Peter Parker Merkins X 25

Slow Lunges X 10

YHC asked Rolling Rock if he had ever been to the Murderhorn before.  He hadn’t.  So we ent.

Mosey out of Stonecrest to the base of the Murderhorn.

Scale the Murderhorn.  5 burpees at the top.  Descend.  Flutters until the rest of the pax arrive.

Scale the Murderhorn.  10 burpees at the top.  Descend.  LBCs until the rest of the pax arrive.

Scale the Murderhorn.  15 burpees at the top.  Descend.  Dollys until the rest of the pax arrive.

Scale the Murderhorn.  20 burpees at the top.  Descend.  Rosalita until the rest of the pax arrive.

Indian Run to the top.  Dying cockroach until everyone arrives.

Mosey back behind the movie theater for some wall walkers with verkins at every crack in the pavement.

Peoples chair

Another set of wall walkers + verkins to finished off everyone’s shoulders.



YHC has been travelling lately and enjoyed making a trip to the Maul for the first time in a while.

The behemoth turns babies into boys, boys into men, and men into monsters.

Mic Check wanted to rename the hill by removing the N.

Everyone had fun.


Check Monday’s backblast to learn more about the race that Frack and The Witness are preparing for and how you can help them raise money for Make A Wish.



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