Top o’ the Mornin’ to Ya – St. Patrick’s Day Workout

Top o’ the Mornin’ to Ya – St. Patrick’s Day Workout

In attendance 7 brave leprechauns sprung to the line at The Matrix

Just a light drizzle to inspire the workout
Warmup : SSH 20, Merk 15, Imp Walk 20, Mtn Climb 15, Squats 20, Peter Parker 15
Represent Traditions of St. Patrick’s Day
#1: Parades – we did Indian Run around fields
#2 Pub Crawl :With your rock  Curls 30, Shoulder Press 30
Leaping leprachauns 15
Pot of Gold jump squats 15
Kiss me I’m Irish lunges 15
#3 St Patrick was imprisoned for 6 years in Ireland
we did 6 minutes of pain
merk 20secs on 10 sec rest x 3
burpes 20 sec, 10 sec rest x 3
squats 20sec, 10 sec x3
Mtn climbers 20 sec, 10 sec 3
Lunges 20sec, 10sec x 3
#4 St. Patrick used Shamrock to represent the 3 points of Holy Trinity
We did three rotating stations of 20:
Sister Mary Katherine
Step ups
then repeat
#5 River dance:
100 yards
butt kickers
high knees
karaoke right and left
sprint 50%
sprint 87 %
sprint 92 %
ended with 3 minutes of Mary
Happy St. Pats Day
(posted on behalf of Floor Slapper)

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