Runaround at the Turn

Runaround at the Turn

5 men got the runaround last Thursday at Devil’s Turn

The Thang

  • Moderate tempo run out to the school
  • Lap around track and regroup* at end of field

Partner up for The Runaround

  • Partner 1 runs a sprint suicide goalpost to goalpost
  • Partner 2 runs a lap around the track
  • Whoever finishes first planks till other arrives
  • Flapjack
  • Repeat 3x

Tempo run back to start.  Total mileage: 6.2

*sans Bratwurst who (perhaps wisely) stuck with the track


  • Small, but fast, group out there on Thursday.   (I suppose if you’re F3 handle is “Cheetah”, you’d better be fast)
  • Bratwurst decided he wanted no part of the runaround, despite not even knowing what it was until we got started.  Anyway, left us with a good even number for pairs.
  • The constant movement left little room for 2nd F chat.
  • Great to see Cheetah down from up north, and Long Haul in from the way north
  • Nice pushing it out there fellas, looking forward to seeing you all out again soon.


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