“Nice Socks!”

“Nice Socks!”

8 pax assembled on the Olde Providence premises to claim the promise of low reps.  Here is what they found:

The Thang:


  • Jog around the near field, with high knees and butt kickers thrown in for good measure and mobility
  • SSH – 20 in cadence
  • IW – 15 in cadence
  • Lunge walk across the field
  • Toy Soldier back across the field (crowd and hamstring pleaser)

Suitably warm and limber, mosey to the playground

Playground – 10 rounds, reps counting down from 10 to 1

  • Jump Squats
  • Pullups or Supine Rows
  • Dips
  • Intermittent planking to keep the pax together

Lunge walk to concession stand for refreshments

Concession Stand – 10 rounds, reps counting down from 10 to 1

  • Diamond/Close merkins
  • Hanging Step-ups, reps each leg (non-lifting foot never touches step, while lifting leg goes to full extension)
  • Sitting V-ups on the wall/bench
  • Intermittent planking to keep the pax together

7 burpee broad jumps on the field while moseying to the woods

Mosey through the woods to the Hyrdra Hill

Hill – 3 trips up and back – declining reps of 15-10-5

  • High Knee Jumps – at top
  • Old-school Situps – at bottom

Mosey back to field for plank-o-rama


  • Both Elbows
  • Left Elbow
  • Right Elbow
  • Both Elbows
  • Cumberland County Viaduct (CCV) – Left & Right – 10 each in cadence
  • Superman – hands behind, out front, swimming
  • Bird Dog

Jack Webb – 5/20 & 6/24 only


Mosey back to parking lot



Great work by all today.  YHC kept the reps low and upped the intensity to provide us with a little bodyweight-strength training to go along with our metabolic conditioning.  We were pushing the moderate boundary at times, but we modified as necessary to keep it manageable (barely).

Many of the pax were distracted today by YHC’s running socks, and not because we were running that much either.  They are quite fine and do seem to be helping with the Achilles issues, so there’s that.  Sierra Trading Post has them reasonably, thereby curing you of the greenish-hue you were sporting today.

Kotters to Low Tide, who emerged today from his Winter hibernation.  Thankfully, as a new member of the Randolph Middle School track team, he was conditioned well enough to hang with the pax today.  Regrettably, YHC did not plan for LT to lead the pax in Mary with his favorite exercise, the Protractor (crowd pleaser).  Fear not, YHC has a Q or two in the near future.

YHC believes he overheard that Kotters were also due to Mater today, who may have also taken a few weeks or months off, presumably to winterize his garage of fine automobiles.  (Low Tide took a shine to the ‘vette today…)

Thanks, guys, for the opportunity to lead today and for playing along with my foolishness and attire.  Looking forward to working you all into the Ascent Q rotation.  You proved again today that you’re more than capable!


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10 years ago

That looks like a good workout. I like the countdown of reps through the sets. I may work that into next week’s workout since I have the Q. I found a nearby rock pile to add to the site repertoire.

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