Chicken Biscuits!

Chicken Biscuits!

Posted on behalf of Gummy….
14 men descended upon The Rock for a Saturday morning workout.
Gummy on Q
Jog to parking lot
SSH x 21
Slow Squat x 20
Mountain Climber x 20
The Thang
Mosey to parking lot closest to 51
Modified Beast using each median (7?) to perform 6x called exercise, then sprint back.
Repeat 4 times with Jump Squats, Merkins, Sister Mary Catherines and Carolina Dry Docks
Plank between sets (we may have needed a 10 count once)
Mosey to church walls for active recovery People’s Chair for 2 minutes
Mosey to the nearby rock pile. Partner up and select a manly rock.
Catch me if you can around the church. Partner 1 takes off with the rock, Partner 2 does 10 merkins and chases down Partner 1. Flapjack around the church.
Back at rock pile, Partner 1 runs around the loop while Partner 2 does squats. Flapjack. Repeat with calf raises.
Mosey to north face, handoff Q to Tadpole
Partner 1 bear crawl up crab walk down, partner 2 burpees, repeat. Partner 1 run up, tumble down, partner 2 burpees. Reverse lunge walk up 10 derkins, run up rest of way.
Run to soccer fields, partner up, wheelbarrow between trash cans 10 wheel barrow merkins at half way, flap jack. Repeat once.
Mosey up pavilion, 2 sets of 20 dips, 15 irkins, 10 jump ups
Circle up outside pavilion, 40 flutters, 15 dollies, hold 15 seconds, 30 lbc, mosey to parking lot, 5 burpees
Great workout this morning, and great effort by the PAX, especially from the FNGs. We needed a 10 count during the first 15 minutes, so clearly we got after it right away. We found a nice new rock pile to pull from. Agony later regretted letting Kirk choose their team’s rock. Tadpole tried to be creative with the pain on the North Face, but the old guys were too whiny. Strange Brew was fresh off a flight in from India and got the Mary that he asked for, thanks to Tadpole. It’s nice of our site hosts to arrange for the concession stand to be available during the workout – the chicken biscuit delivery arrived while Tadpole had us under the pavilion. That’s a feature not even the fancy private school sites of Joust and The Charge can offer. Welcome to two FNGs Pitino and Armani (started as Armanti since he’s an App State grad, but I misunderstood, so there). Great sendoff by Tadpole – it was good leading with you.
Coffeeteria after workout at Piper Glen Starbucks

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