Numbers is Fun

Numbers is Fun

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never me.”

It’s a lie, of course–words do hurt.  Just ask any clarinet-playing, pimply-faced teen boy in husky size corduroys.  But numbers?  Numbers are your friends:  simple, honest, dependable, interesting.

Take for instance the number 17, which happened to be the number of pax on hand today:

  • 17 is the 7th prime number and the sum of the first 4 primes.  Who knew?
  • 17 is the least random number
  • 17 is the atomic number of Chlorine
  • 17 is an album by Ricky Martin
  • 17 or (Seventeen): songs by Jethro Tull, Kings of Leon, Rick James, Smashing Pumpkins, Winger, Jimmy Eat World,  and was the original title of the Beatles’ song, “I Saw Her Standing There.”
  • 17 is a teen magazine
  • The number 17 has never been retired in the NFL.
  • 17 is the number to call the police in France.
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream is 17% alcohol by volume.
  • 17 is the number of merkins Bananas can perform before lapsing into a head-bobbing spasm

If 17 is that captivating, you won’t be able to contain yourself in the presence of the rock star of numbers.  Like Madonna, Celine and Raffi, it goes by one name:  pi.  I won’t bore you (more than I have already) with all the details.  If your degree has an S in it, this is good stuff: 

If you are still with me, here’s how the work out went:

  • Slow Mosey around church x 0.6 miles.  Stop at the 5 Wrong Way signs for HR Merkins, SSH, Squats, Flutters.
  • Quick mosey around church x 0.6 miles.  Repeat 3 times with called exercises at Wrong Way signs.
  • Round 1:  22 merkins or 7 burpees (add 7 burpees for the lead group).  Plank and mosey to start.
  • Round 2:  22 squats or 7 burpees. Hold chair pose and mosey to start.
  • Round 3:  22 LBC and 7 heels to heaven.  Hold 6″ and jailbreak home.

Bonus points to Good Hands for correctly identifying the 22/7 theme (pi approximation).



  • I’ve burned up all my “free” work time watching pi videos.  Starfish the moleskin and comment below.


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10 years ago

I’m treating the M to a little something special tonight.

– HH

10 years ago

That Ricky Martin album is a good one especially listening to it while enjoying a glass of Baileys!
Who is Sussudie Flakes by the way? Do we now have a hybrid of Sussudio and Flutie Flakes? Scary thought…

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