Bumper Burners

Bumper Burners

I texted my buddies and neighbors Loogie and Worm that I would pick them up at the usual time in the morning, and asked for any workout suggestions.  Loogie wanted no running, since the last few work outs have been quite heavy on that.  He got his wish and 11 others had to suffer along with him during today’s Maul work out.

 Here we go

  • SSH
  • IWS
  • Plank in out Jacks
  • Reverse Lunges

Numbers didn’t matter because the warm up was just for show.  YHC was ready to get to work.

4 pain stations

  1. Wall walkers
  2. Crab walk
  3. Hair Burners (crowd pleaser)
  4. Run the hill 10 burpees at the top

Repeato until YHC called off the dogs somewhere in the 3rd 4th or 5th rounds.

Meet at the top of the hill for Jack Spider Web.  That’s 1 Spiderman push up to 4 shoulder presses.  We got to 11.

Mary Time:

  • Elbow plank :60
  • Left elbow plank :45
  • Right elbow plank :45
  • Elbow plank :60

Pax Choice Mary

  • Loogie = LBCs
  • Madame = Bicycle
  • Chippy = Fluttah
  • Frehley = Heels to heaven
  • Haggis = Dolly


Goal achieved for today, very little running and a tough work out.  The hair burners are always a crowd pleaser.  Frehley was pulling up as the plates were being set out.  He threatened to leave, but thought better of it.

At one point during the work out there was a loud crash.  Apparently Loogie and Long Haul were so focused in on hairburners, they didn’t see the other one coming and they had a head on collision.  Thankfully both are okay.

After completing his very first burner today Honey Bee is now ready for Ruck-a-Palooza Friday.  Best of luck brother.

It’s always an honor to lead.  Thanks fellas for pushing yourselves today and for enduring the elbow planks.

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10 years ago

I think Haggis said it best….he said who would have thought doing burpees would be considered a break during this workout.

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