Keeping it out of the mud

Keeping it out of the mud

11 strong PAX (including 1 2.0) decided to start their weekend off right by putting in a little work at Area 51.  A little cool as we began but we quickly warmed up and put in a solid 60 minutes.  Here’s how the morning played out:

Abacus on Q

Jog to soccer field parking lot and circle up for COP:

  • SSH x 25 (IC)
  • IW x 25 (IC)
  • Squat x 25 (IC)
  • Merkins x 15 (IC), hold plank
  • Peter Parker x 20 (IC)

Mosey over to entrance of park parking lot for instructions:

  • Run to Fire Station (approx 1/2 mile), plank it up until all PAX arrive (RHH, RLH, LHH, LLH, 6 in)
  • 25 Merkins, 25 Squats
  • Run back to McKee Rd elementary
  • 25 Merkins, 25 Squats
  • Plank it up until all PAX are done

Head over to playground for a little circuit work:

  • Rd 1 – 10 Pull-ups, 20 Dips, 20 Decline Merkins
  • Rd 2 – 10 Pull-ups, 20 Dips, 20 Incline Merkins
  • Rd 3 – 10 Pull-ups, 20 Dips, 20 Knee-ups

Mosey over to school wall for PC:

  • PC x 60 sec (Hands out front, Hands over Head)
  • Lunge walk to sidewalk
  • PC x 60 sec (LL up, RL up)

Turn it over to Dirty Bird for 2nd half:

Jog over to track

  • 4 pt squat/lunge x 20
  • Lap around track
  • 20 knee jumps, 30 sec high knees (Rinse & repeat x 2)
  • Lap around track
  • 20/15/10 squat/calf raise combo
  • Lap around track
  • 10 merkins, 10 wide-arm merkins, 10 diamond merkins (Rinse & repeat x 2)
  • Lap around track
  • 5 burpees OYO/10 burpees OYO/AMRAP burpees x 60 sec
  • Lap around track

Mosey over to bus parking lot for 6 MOM (PAX selection)

  • Flutter x 20 (IC)
  • Dolly x 20 (IC)
  • Protractor
  • 50 LBC OYO
  • 20 Back Scratchers (IC)
  • Round of Boat/Canoe
  • CCV x 10R & 10L (IC)

Mosey back to launch point with stop in parking lot for team relay



  • Soccer fields and track infield were pretty soggy so YHC and Dirty Bird kept the PAX on the blacktop.  You’re welcome.
  • Guest appearance by Chelms in the far South realms after a little prompting from Far Side.  Requested a 9:30/10:00 start time in anticipation of warmer temps but request was denied.  Strong effort none the less.
  • Far Side is bouncing back quickly from his back surgery.  Moving quickly around the track.
  • Ocho Cinco and Lobster Roll out in front along with Chelms on run to Fire Station.


  • Chelms and YHC organizing a team to participate in 5K/10K race for Brain Tumor research at Freedom Park on 3/22.  Raising money in honor of our brother, Bill, who is in year 2 of battle with brain tumor.  Any and all participation is appreciated.
  • Still a few spots available for final BRR team this fall.  Contact Baracus if interested.
  • As always, an honor and a pleasure to lead a strong group of men in a work-out with F3.

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Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Great to venture way down south (had to fill up with gas on the way back). Felt bad about getting beat on the run to the fire station until I realized it was Ocho Cinco.

Here is link to web site for the race to raise furnds for brain cancer research –

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Stealing from my little brother again. This link takes you to a page to contribute to my team. You can get to John’s team by clicking “Team Chepul Hill” and you will see John’s team. Want to give him credit since he was the Q and posted this BB.

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