Capt Crunch vs. the Soggies

Capt Crunch vs. the Soggies

9 Determined PAX (Including 3 FNG’s) wanted to buy into a little F3 action @Outland this morning but first had to dig deep for a nice size helping of DownPainment! In order to help get the word out about the benefits of the New MudGear Brand of clothing, we figured we would help show the PAX how inadequate their Hanes Beefy T’s were through the mud, slush, water and ice that Outland had to offer!


HH on Q

  • Run through the school buses and warmup with standard fare exercises.
  • Mosey to playground/track and perform partner exercises w/ alternating laps around track  X 4 rounds.
  • Return to parking lot for Merkin wave and Merkin clock circle plank shuffle (crowd pleaser)

DoubleE Now on Q

  • Begin ¾ mile Indian run to Football Stadium but on the way, hey look a great patch of icy grass,
  • Time for a round of Navy Seal Sit-UPS x 10
  • Quickly up and Continue run to stadium and stop by Restroom building
  • Plank-O-Rama while all PAX catch up
  • Looks like a Great Wall for some PC, speed squats and COB Wall walks with shifting planks
  • PC hold 30 sec w/ 20 air presses followed by 20 speed squats
  • Rinse & Repeat w/ 15, 10, 5 of each
  • 4 PAX in line for BTW wall walks from one end of wall to the other while remaining PAX shift on ground in plank position.  (another crowd favorite)
  • Rinse & Repeat

By now, the FNG’s are wondering what they have gotten themselves into with all heads smoking and  sucking some serious O2. Little did they know, the worst (and yet most awesome) pain was yet to come!

  • Mosey to the SVHS football field for the  100 Yards of Kamikaze Suicides
  • Start at Endzone Goal Line w/ 10 LBC’s
  • Run to 10 Yard Line – 1 Burpee/ 1 Slow Low Deep Squat / 1 BombJack
  • Run backwards to Goal Line, repeat LBCs
  • Increase count by one at each 10 yd marker to the 50, then decrease back to the opposite end zone.
  • The ground was soaked and by the  end, all of the PAX were Soaked and Mud covered head to toe!


Glad to see HB feeling better after a 2 week ummm Sinus infection (aka snooze fest). Tclaps  to HB for Headlocking his brother (Situation) from New Jersey to share in his love for early Saturday morning Pain!

TClaps to 2nd timer Glass Joe for Headlocking his brother (Barney) and friend (Nekot) as well.  Barney is a Monroe police officer and Nekot works for (who else) Lance.

It leaves a disturbing image to see a grown man – aka Late Show – “wiping” himself down with a huge pile of napkins from the restroom while enjoying a nice cup of Joe at Starbucks with the group. Yes everyone had soggy bottoms from the workout, but is  there not a more suitable place for that (like nowhere)??

We need more HCs for PreKB workout @6:15am. We have extra KB’s and sweet tunes to get everyone warmed up.

Horsehead for Double E

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10 years ago

3 FNGs = Strong
100 yds of kamikaze suicides = brutal

Counter Top
Counter Top
10 years ago

Nice work gents. sorry i missed this one… i think???

The Late Show
The Late Show
10 years ago

Touché. Well deserved. Well, I’m batting 3 fer 3 with making people cringe in public…. The week before at Starbucks some dude walked in on me while I was in the head. Not my fault I couldn’t get the door to lock. Today I gave the neighbors a little sneak peek of the late show: mowed and blowed the yard this afternoon without a shirt on.

Counter Top
Counter Top
Reply to  The Late Show
10 years ago

THE Late Show rename… “Peep Show”?

Hair Band
Reply to  Horsehead
10 years ago

Whoa! Peeps are an amazing blend of sugar coated marshmallow goodness, don’t disrespect the chicks!

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