Double dose at Rebel Yell

Double dose at Rebel Yell

Nine manly men met up for a rumble in the concrete jungle at Rebel Yell on this brisk but beautiful morning.


Mosey to lot
SSH x 20
Split jumps x 20
IW x 20
Merkins x 15
Peter Parker’s x 15
Mountain climbers x 15
Lunges x 16

Mosey to fountain
10 burpee jump ups
20 tri dips
30 decline merkins
Sprint to store

10 burpee jump ups
20 nipplers
30 step ups
Sprint to store

10 burpee jump ups
20 incline merkins
30 squats

Partner and sprint opposite ways around shops loser does 20 merkins winner 10.
Repeato opposite way with loser doing 20 jump ups and winner 10.

Mosey to steep hill stick with partner.

50 combined manmakers merkins while partner scales hill.
People’s chair
40 combined dive bomber merkins while partner scales hill.
People’s chair
50 diamond merkins
People’s chair

Mosey to less of a hill
Jacobs Ladder to 7 with burpees

4 minutes of Molly



The morning got started a little pear shaped with the KB Q showing up at 0506 and screeching in on two wheels and stealing from Browns weinke from yesterday. YHC forgot the Pill so we had tunes entertaining us from Spacklers car until about 0517 when his car battery died. At 0521 Semi Gloss had run out of ideas so the pax stood around getting cold for the next nine minutes as Soul Glow, Long Distance, Chipotle, and Alf joined the fiasco.

Things turned around quickly though as we got a taste of what the Rebel Yell site had to offer. Semi Gloss was very perky this morning (unlike his stomach) with almost a Zipadee type demeanor. A few theories were thrown out there as the cause of his merry nature but he must just be pumped about burpees. The burpee jump ups at the fountain got a few sighs especially from the lads who had endured Skunk Works and then Death Valley the last two days. Strong work by the fellas with the 10,20,30 reps times three. We partnered up and raced around the shops and had to dodge the guy in the white panel van which Alf commented was always a good lesson to live by.
YHC underestimated the steepness of the first set of hills as a climbing ax and crampons may have been helpful to get up and down. This was toned down for the double helping of hills for the Jacobs Ladder. This one just about finished us all off!
Good job by all today and thanks for allowing me to lead.



Centurion anniversary tomorrow a Charlotte Catholic.
Cottonmouth on Q at Kevlar.
Joust on as scheduled at Charlotte Christian.

Third F’s tomorrow a 0630.

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Purple Haze
10 years ago

Things I learned this morning:
1) Being anywhere near a Semi-Gloss explosion is not the place to be. Apparently, in all his running behind to get to the pre-KB, he failed in his normal pre-workout cargo jettison. The Pax paid a heavy price for that.
2) Renegade rows with a merkin twist is not really a combination I’m fond of. Nice idea BD!
3) Trying to keep up with Alf for 3 sets of 10 burpees with jump ups could cause injury or even death.
4) It is virtually impossible to stay on pace with BD during a Jacob’s Ladder.
5) Matlock’s KB is ridiculous. I was scared just looking at it, as it really did seem to stare back. Also, the Jersey native has about 50 pairs of cowboy boots…go figure.
6) LD flat out rocks in a Bjorn Borg headband.

10 years ago

That was a heck of workout this AM. Good work Bulldog. The deep decline merkins were brutal.
Haze – I had way to much burpee practice this week so I was able to move through them. Plus I had to push to stay ahead! You were moving pretty quick. And I dropped all the energy on those and had nothing left for the Jacob’s Ladder. Speaking of ladder – I am going to bring one next time we have to hit that hill on the far side of the theater.

10 years ago

Nobody is that happy in the morning. But how can you be angry I guess when you are dressed like a banana?

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