Two For The Price Of One

Two For The Price Of One

So, last week apparantly F3Winston Salem posted two separate backblasts for the same workout.  Well, I’m not doing that… by I am posting one backblast for two separate workouts.

The Thang

March 1 – Area 51

Warm up… SSH, IW, Squat, Merkin

Little Baby Jog around soccer field

The Murph… 1 mile, 100 pull ups, 200 merkins, 300 squats, then finish with one mile

Little bit of Mary

Random stuff in the parking lot… lunge walk with merkins

People’s Chair… with arm presses

March 3 – The Matrix

Warm up… SSH, IW, Squats [sound familiar?]

Cinder block training:

-1/4 mile race, then 20 squats with cinder block

-1/4 mile race, then 20 shoulder presses with cinder block

-1/4 mile race, then 20 bench presses with cinder block

-1/4 mile race [this time, carrying cinder block], then 10 tricep extensions

1/2 mile Indian Run

Playground Stations [three cycles of each below]

-10 pull ups

-20 dips

-20 squats

Trail run


Moleskin [combined]

  • Really felt the lingering effects of the pull ups from the Murph.  Always a solid workout.  Ocho Cinco led the way for the mile run going out and coming back.
  • O’Tannebaum gets the “ugly shoe” award.  Not sure if I’ve ever seen a grown man with velcro strap shoes before. 
  • Good to see Fraggle back at The Matrix, after he admitted to a multi-month hiatus.  I could tell he was really “enjoying” the cinder blocks. 
  • Even with a cinder block on his shoulder Lobster Roll didn’t lose much speed.  That must have been a neighborhood game he played as a kid on the mean streets of South Boston.   


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