Spring is Here…Not!!

Spring is Here…Not!!

12 men chose not to stay in bed on one of the coldest days of the year (22 degrees unofficially) and come out to Bagpipe for a beatdown. Where else other than F3 would any sane person do such a thing? Anyway, I (Frehleys Comet) took the Q in honor of Haggis who was feeling under the weather ironically.  Haggis, feel better bud…we missed you!

By vote, we unanimously chose to workout in the parking garage by the movie theatre, Following a brisk run to the garage, we circled up for warmups:

Warmups: SSH X 25, Imperial Walker X 20, Mountain Climber X 20, Peter Parker Merkins X 12, Reverse Lunge X 10 each leg, Jump ups (knees to hands) X 20, Step ups (alternate knees to hands) x 20.

On the  curb, 3 sets of 4 different exercises for a total of 12 sets: Dips X 20, Decline Merkins X 20, Bunny Hops X 20, Crunches (knees to chest while sitting on curb) X 20.  Sprint to next level of parking garage for People’s Chair including each leg raised in hold position for 10 count, Reverse Lunges X 10, Jump Squats X 10, repeat People’s Chair, and Kick Squats (a new crowd favorite with a forward high kick followed by a rotating side kick into a squat position).  Jogged two levels down to get out of the cold.

Man-maker Burpees x 12 in cadence. People’s Chair with overhead press for 60 count. Circled up for alternating Mary (3 sets) and Merkins (3 sets). Repeated this 3 times so 18 sets total:

1st set: LBC, Heels to Heaven, and Rosalita – each X 20; Carolina Dry Docks, Diamonds, and Merkins – each X 10.

2nd set: Dolly, Flutter and Mason Twist – each X 20; Carolina Dry Docks, Diamonds, Wide Merkins X 20

3rd Set: Bicycle, Mason Twist – each X 20, and Protractor; Carolina Dry Docks, Diamonds, Merkins x 10.

Ran back to the Vine starting point and finished with Merkins (approximately 25) while everyone returned.

Good workout guys. Thanks for coming out!

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