Was That A Q Jack? Nope Call It Brew Jack

Was That A Q Jack? Nope Call It Brew Jack

32 men took the minefield of the DMZ.  The goal was to get a good upper body workout in and YHC was certainly shoulder/chest/arm smoked today, hopefully all the pax were as well.  Without further adieu:

Warm up run to the school


SSH x 35

IW x 25

Mountain Climbers x 20

Slow Squats x 20

Mosey to the football field

Partner up

Over under x 10 each, flapjack, repeato

Prairie Fire Mary x 10, flapjack

Wheelbarrow 10-20 yards and return

Visit from one of our old F3 friends a Mr. Jack Webb

Up to 6/24 when aggressive Runstopper gets to calling out the Q (more on that later)

Runstopper restart of Jack Webb from 1/4-10/40

Jack Webb –  1 Mirkens x 4 arm raises, 2 Mirkens x 8 arm raises continue until you reach 10 Mirkens and 40 Arm raises.

Remain in Jack Web circle for circle of Fire – Plank as long as possible while individual sprints around the outside of the circle. Yes that’s a long time to hold a plank so modified as needed, right arm high, switch left arm high, elbows. If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.

Jog to parking lot: Stop, 25 Mirkens OYO- Plank (yes, more planks) until all were done.

Jog to next pain station (100 yards) stop, 25 Mirkens OYO Plank

Jog to next pain station (100 yards) stop, 25 Mirkens OYO Plank

Repeat for another thee  stops, adding only 25 Carolina Dry Docks at next station (just to give some relief to the PAX arms)

COT- yes, one final set of 25 Mirkens.. kind of a going away present from me to the PAX.

Moleskin: YHC has never had the chance to co-Q with Runstopper who was the guy that EH’d me in the first place.  Q real honour to lead today with him, we thought we’d have a little fun with it so Runstopper started heckling YHC during Jack Webb from about 4 until 6 and then in mock frustration handed off to Runstopper, although YHC does have to admit that I didn’t think he would restart from 1 again, oh well, if that didn’t kill me the circle of planking sure did.  Pax really hung in there and pushed it hard for 45 min, there were no 10 counts on this one.  Great for YHC to see FOD whom I hadn’t seen since the BRR, looking good brother.

Thanks to FOD and Skywalker for letting YHC and Runstopper Q on this day and Cobains for the delayed back blast.  For the 2 pax whose names I missed please sound off below:


Mentor program starting another round, can complete info on the website or talk to Skywalker.


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