14 of our areas finest strolled in for a painfest at the maul this morning plus one extra grumpy individual.

The Thang
Mosey to the movie theater lot
15 Windmills IC
20 Outside Imperial Walkers
5 Walk-Out/Walk-Ins (waka waka)

Mosey to next lot
Blackjack – Merkin/LBC Ladder to 21
– 20 Merkins/1 LBC, 19 Merkins/2 LBC, 18 Merkins/3 LBC…
– 210 Merkins/210 LBCs

Mile Run Window Shopping Tour

Mosey to Exponential Hill (a TR comment at Rebel Yell one day)
Run to top do 5 squats, Run down 5 Lunges (Repeat to 4,3,2,1)

Mosey Home for Mary
Wide-Leg Flat Sit-ups x 20
Wide-Leg Flat Bicycle Crunches x 20
Reverse Crunch x 20
Toe-Touches x 20
V-Ups x 20

1 Minute left
10 Burpees on your own

Crowd wasn’t particularly thrilled with the blackjack call, especially FC. Lots of chatter from that one. YHC struggled with form for sure.  Certainly a smoke-fest.  Big shouts to Haggis and Mic Check. We can learn a lot from them in terms of quality over quantity.  Philmont was busy posing at the top of Exponential Hill which may lead to a new “Themed Image” for The Maul. Sorry to The Worm for the barrage of Shoulders.  Great having you back brother.  Mary was tough today. YHC was clearly struggling with the up count calling. Tried to take Mic Checks comments to heart from yesterday and offer no scheduled 10 counts and introduce new things to the PAX while bringing on the muscle confusion.

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Mic Check
10 years ago

Well done sir, Blackjack was crazy tough. I wasn’t able to finish, in fact I told Haggis we have homework tonight. I think I’m on lucky 7.

Shout out to Long Haul and Madame Tussauds, these rooks have been posting seemingly every morning. Strong work.

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