The New Standard

The New Standard

12 pax de-fartsacked and showed up for a standard Salt Lick style beatdown. YHC discovered early that the use of language learned in his native state of Utah was foreign to others in the south. For example, it was normal to call a basketball goal structure a “standard” growing up. Confusion ensued.

Webster’s defines a standard as follows:

7. (Mech. & Carp.) An upright support, as one of the poles of a scaffold; any upright in framing.

Seeing as how YHC is a part time engineer as well, the use of “standard” appears to be an intellectually superior way of referring to a “basketball hoop support” as the instructions were referring directly to the upright pole that holds the hoop and backboard itself. Anyway, I digress….

Tha Thang:

Mosey to track for a lap than hit parking lot 4 warm up
Seal Jacks
Stagger arm merkin with switch each 5 – 30 total
LBCs – 50 OYO
Mountain Climber
Military merkin – 20 OYO

Line up facing basketball GOALS (standards)
Bear crawl to 1st goal
Lunge walk to 2nd goal
Jog to 3rd, jog back and plankorama

Crab walk to 1st goal
Squat hop to 2nd goal
Jog to 3rd, jog back and plank

Karaoke switch at goals up and back to plank
Side shuffle switch at goals up and back to plank

Mosey to track

Jack Web w/ a twist – all together
Corner 1 – 4 merkins, 16 arm raises, 4 dry docks
Corner 2 – 6 merkins, 24 arm raises, 6 dry docks
Corner 3 – 8 merkins, 32 arm raises, 8 dry docks
Corner 4 – 10 merkins, 40 arm raises, 10 dry docks

Mosey to wall

Peoples chair with 1 leg, switch
Wall decline merkins to failure
Peoples chair with arm raises
Incline merkins – 25 OYO
Peoples chair
BTW, push up extra x 10

Mosey to playground
Break into two groups

3 rounds
Group 1 – 5 pull ups, 5 around the world pull ups, 5 knee up pull ups
Group 2 – 30 dips
Plank and merkins (1st round 15 diamonds, 2nd round 15 wide arm, 3rd round 20 regular)

Mosey to main parking for Mary
1 legged toe touchies both sides
2 legged toe touchies


Many were sore from the Day Zero challenge on Saturday, so little hair o the dog was just in order. We tend to forget about soreness after a good beating (well until later in the day anyway).

YHC was recovering from a nasty cold and was unsure if the workout as listed on the weinke would get done. It did, and early which left plenty of time for some good ol Mary. Pull ups were a favorite and as promised per YHCs unwritten Q contract. As usual Lobster Roll made us all look old and slow. Watch those fragile egos there brother!


YHC forgot due to lack of O2

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10 years ago

Takes a confident man to use “intellectually superior communication” and “stagger arm merkin” in the same writeup, but you pulled it off.

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