Missing Zip, Q-pid shuffle

Missing Zip, Q-pid shuffle

The Thang

3 men gathered for a Kettle Bell Beatdown lead by Horse Head and Double E from 6:15 – 6:45.  An additional 3 PAX arrived on the scene for the 7:00 am Bootcamp style workout.

Warm up COP

– SSH x20
– Seal Jacks x10
– Imperial Walker x 20
– Imperial Squats x 10
– Windmill x15
– Perfect Merkins x10

Mosey over to School

– Plank and knee to elbow x20
– dips x20
– Plyo Box Hip Raises  x20 (Dubbed Kama Sutra #17 for this am’s beatdown)
repeato x3

Head for the buses for Cheese Wheel

Round 1

– Thread the buses
– Lunge walk the length of the gauntlet
– Burpees x10

Round 2

– Thread the buses
– Hammer time the length of the gauntlet
– Burpees x10
Round 3
– Thread the buses
– Reverse lunge walk the length of the gauntlet
– Burpees x10

Hand off to Zip… No, Hairband! (QUICK!!! figure out what we can do for the next 30 minutes)

And off we go!

Leave the cheese with a slow mosey to the front of the school and grab some wall for:
-People chair 30 seconds
-Drop another inch for about 20 seconds
-20 calf raises on the curb
-People chair + 15 air presses
-drop an inch and 15 more air presses

Mosey out to the parking lot everyone on a line:

-20 ski hops over the line
-run to line in center of lot for 10… (5?) Merkins
-20 ski hops
-run to line 10 diamond Merkins (Pretty sure I heard “Shine bright like a diamond”, either I was imagining things or Horse head was singing in Zips absence.)
-20 ski hops
-run to line 10 wide arm Merkins

Hill ladders! Partner up!

P1 LBC’s at bottom until P2 returns
P2 do called exercise
Round 1: run to top of hill for 10 Merkins – Flapjack
Round 2: run hill 10 squats – Flapjack
Round 3: Man makers – Flapjack

Mosey to the patio

-20 deep incline Merkins – Feel that extra little stretch in the chest? You will later!
-20 Supine pull ups on railing
Repeat dropping to
-10 & 10
-5 & 5
Opened up to pax to call out an exersise…
– One leg squat (forgot what we called it) 10 each leg (Late Show)
– 10 decline Carolina dry dock from benches (Double E)
– Horse head wants to mosey to the small track for an Indian run. 2 times around.

Mary time!
X15 Freddie Mercury
X15 Dolly
X15 flutter
Opened for call out.
Double E was quick to call out the Protractor!
-90 degrees,10, 45, 10 for 20 seconds? 90, 45, 10 for 10 seconds, 90, 45, 10 for 5 seconds
And call it a day!

CT: Hair band tagged in as the impromptu QIC for second half of this am’s beat-down with his own personal style of pain.  T-claps for a job well done.
Horse Head spent a large part of his energy this morning qualifying for his new nickname… more to come on that next week.  (Don’t worry HH you’ll LUV IT!)

HB: Saw Zip’s email right before I left so had a few minutes to think about some options for us as the fill in Q. Due to my mostly on the fly workout and some O2 deprivation feel free to chime in if I forgot anything or listed anything wrong. I know by time Horse Head wanted to do the indian run on the 2nd lap I was starting to taste last nights pizza and had to stop before the merlot splilled. Forunately that 30 seconds or so gave me just enough to finish mary and for us to call it a day.

Zip, hope you are feeling better! Looking forward to seeing you back out in the gloom brother.

I am not sure if it’s because Outland is a newer location or because a smaller group so more 2nd F through the workouts but we have a great group down there and it’s great to be a part of it!

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9 years ago

Pretty sure I saw Zip at the gas station buying beer. Perhaps he was ready to get back to his Team USA Snuggie for the cross country ski marathon.

Double E
9 years ago

Was he watching the Cross Country Ski Marathon or the Couples Figure Skating Finals? Hope you are feeling better soon Zip and great job HB for taking the Q on demand (QOD). Also Great to see 8-Mile back in action!

Counter Top
9 years ago

Hairband, great lead out there Saturday brother and great write-up. Looking forward to the Hairband beatdown part 2 this coming Saturday!

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