Rejected Prancercise and Isometric Holds

Rejected Prancercise and Isometric Holds

The plan was laid out for a trifecta of pain at F3 Stonehenge this week.

1) 4:45 ruck up Ballantyne – 2 mile ruck around Stonehenge AO (the optional Prancercise invitation was rejected)

2) 5:30 kettle bell warm-up tabata with PAX called exercises

3) 6:00 boot camp extravaganza in the Stonehenge style

It turned out YHC is the only SOB crazy (read stupid) enough to ruck it up at 4:45 in the morning so that was a solo endeavor. However, 6 SOB’s joined YHC for the KB warm up and by 6:00 we were 20 in number and ready for action.

The Thang:

Mosey to Wells Fargo parking lot

– SSH x 30

– IW x 20

– Good Mornings x 20

– Mountain Climbers x 20

– Merkins x 20

Mosey to the Loch Ness woods and split into 3 groups for Isometric Hold-o-rama

– Group 1: 60 sec flexed arm hang, AMRAP pull ups, 45 sec flexed arm hang, AMRAP pull ups, 30 sec flexed arm hang, AMRAP pull ups

– Group 2: 60 sec squat hold, 15 squats, 45 sec squat hold, 12 squats, 30 sec squat hold, 10 squats

– Group 3: 60 sec 6 inches, 15 merkins, 45 sec 6 inches, 12 merkins, 30 sec 6 inches, 10 merkins

– Rotate stations until each group has gone through one time

Mosey to the hill for 11’s

– Plank up-and-downs at the top (plank to elbows to plank = 1)

– Dying cockroach at bottom

Line up in two lines (after the PAX reminded YHC that 3 is not divisible by 2, we were in good shape)

– Indian run up Ballantyne Corporate and around to the construction barrels on Brixham Hill Dr.

Stop at construction barrels and separate into 4 groups for a relay race

– each team grab a construction barrel and run with it in relay fashion

– round 1: squats and merkins while you wait

– round 2: LBC and Flutter while you wait

Still time on the clock, so head to the parking lot for additional pain

– suicides from one parking line to next and back down

– lunge walk out and sprint back x 2

– bear crawl out and crab walk back (MT again dominates the crab walk – no surprise)

Run back to cars with a jail break at Stone Mtn Grill

– 1 minute of Dolly


The Moleskin:

– It was an action packed day.  The Isometric Holds were surprisingly dastardly.  The flexed arm hang / pull-up combo was especially impossible, but there was a lot of camaraderie going on to get through it.  Nice work!

– Frehley’s wins the most inventive / dangerous carrying style of the construction barrel in the relay race.  He went at it cat-in-the-hat style.  Still not sure if he could see.  Pulled Pork wins the Mr. Olympus award for fully extended arms overhead carry style.

– Team two separated the barrel from the tire for a while but after enough harassing for cheating, the barrel was reassembled in a more orthodox fashion for the rest of the race.  Luckily no security guards or construction personnel witnessed the construction barrel relay race.  It may have led to a premature jail break, if you know what I mean.

– It was a strong group today and some intense work.  It was great to workout alongside the Sons of Ballantyne!



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10 years ago


Great job on Q! The Flexed hang/Chin ups were definitely unsavory,glad to get that over with early.
Way to keep us moving with a lot of variety.

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