Better late than never

Better late than never

11 pax ignored contore and posted for a slop fest known as mud run prep day at Outland.  Actually, it would have been 12, but 1 left for a 10:00 commitment.  More on that in the moleskin.


  • SSH x 23
  • IW x 23
  • Slow Merkins x 20
  • Squats x 20
  • Hand Release Merkins x 15

Brief explanation of the course.  Mostly, read the posted signs along the way and follow the bright orange arrows, which the white snow provided the perfect backdrop.



  1. Over the fence, 10 burps, run along outfield fence, over fence, 10 burps
  2. Bear crawl approx. 50 yards to access road toward Shiloh elementary school
  3. Over fence, 10 burpees, lunge walk 1 lap around track, over fence, 10 burpees
  4. After a decent run to SVHS practice field, high crawl approx. 100 yards (this turned out to be a disaster as it was flooded with ice, snow and mostly icy puddles)
  5. Grab a rock from and over the fence into the stadium.  Two laps around the track, but also up and down stadium stairs covering each aisle of bleachers of the home and away sidelines.  Over fence and return rock.
  6. Partner carry approx. 100 yards.
  7. Obstacle course:
  • Climb up and over the double pull-up bar
  • Over the 6 ft. wall
  • Over and under parallel telephone poles
  • Over 7 ft. wall
  • Balance beam walk
  • High knees thru the tires (of course there was muddy water in the tires)
  • Incline sit-ups x 20
  • Walk across the vertical poles
  • Over to field for 20 dips and 20 supine pull-ups
  • Back thru the obstacle course again

Back to shovel flag


  • The morning gloom started off with a light rain to go along with the cold temps and residual snow/ice on the ground.  As CT and YHC walked the course beforehand, the drizzle stopped and it turned out to be a decent morning.
  • Major T-claps to Countertop for coming up with the workout.  It was a great use of the expansive campus.  It sounds like this could be a regular workout for the Outland crew.
  • 3 pax just couldn’t wait for the beat down, so they showed up early for some KB pain.  YHC is not exactly sure where Hairband went though.  He showed for the 6:15 KB workout, then left to get to a 10:00 appointment.  I guess maybe it was in Raleigh!
  • Great effort by all the pax today.
  • Shout out to Rickshaw (13) who looked strong all the way up to the point where he lost his shoe on the final run to the shovel flag.
  • Major thanks go out tho the Fort guys who made the long trek to take part.


  • There are still spots available for the Go Ruck Challenge on 3/14.  See Dora for details.
  • About 8-9 more need to fill out another BRR team.  Contact Baracus for details.

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Hair Band
9 years ago

Actually had a few things to get done before I taught my 10am guitar lesson but it’s all good, I am not doing the mudrun and still came out for some heavy metal swinging.

Beastly looking workout guys, great job! Aye!

9 years ago

That was a terrible and cold event fellas. I have still not recovered fully from the 100yd army crawl in the ice water, or the topple from the tall chain link fence. However, the lowlight of my morning was plodding through the first long bear crawl in the icemud only to be sprayed by a wake from what I assumed was a small snowmobile cruising past me. Alas, it was Donkey Kong using some self propulsion method that is foreign to me.

I am proud of myself making it over the tall wall a couple of times though – I usually go around that thing. I figured I was already numb and bruised, so not much to lose.

It seems that many in Area51 opted for more comfortable and luxurious workouts, which is a shame. Next time, perhaps this should be a convergence (read: forced suckage for others).

– HH

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