To Ruck or not to Ruck…

To Ruck or not to Ruck…

Better late than never…27 fine fellas showed up for a beatdown with lots of gear included. Another great turnout for the pre KB workout lead by Tiger Rag and a few more were stupid enough to also wear a fully laden ruck for both.


Mosey to parking lot

IW’s x 20
Merkins x 15
Squats x 16
Jacobs Ladder to 7 burpees
Mosey back to school
Circle of pain with a bunch of tires, kb’s, boxes, and tunes.
Merkin wave


Tiger Rags KB form has been called into question lately therefore we had to bring in Byron to check on his Q technique as he lead the pre-workout. Strong showing by the pre KB’ers and especially those wearing rucks for both (Young Love, Cottonmouth, Busch, Radar, and YHC). This probably made the fartsackers showing up at 0530 feel the peer pressure even more…
Got started a couple of mins late due to the organizing of such a complex workout involving bells, ropes, boxes, tethers, notecards, a unicycle, and a six iron but it was well worth it.
Jacobs ladder was a wind sucker for the ruck boys and the circle of pain meant that the tethered bear crawl was the main focus. Hamish and Byron moved like rabid dogs whereas Bananas and Cottontail took quite a while knocking out their 4 merkins. Turkey Leg tried the no hands approach and Country Livin about snapped the tether.
Little confusion from Spackler on the merkin wave at the end but he was not as dazed as Cottonmouth looked as he blacked out due to wearing his ruck for a regular workout for the first time!
Thanks to Headers FNG bro pastor turned Sinner for taking us out!
Cheers, Bulldog

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Hair Band
10 years ago

Great circuit workout and Tclaps to the beasts out there with rucks & KBs.

I have PTSD from Horsehead and his “tire dolly” work though. There was some mumble chatter from the PAX about him giving birth in the midst of the workout.

10 years ago

Should have worn a kilt.

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