Sweet sound of a whistle makes for a good time

Sweet sound of a whistle makes for a good time

10 Brave souls skipped fart sacing on a Saturday and ventured into the gloom for a beat down. Theirs ears would soon hear the scary sound that meant more pain and listen to a Q that could barely count.

The Thang:

The warm-up:
A lap around the parking lot and track while we wait for the last couple Canadians to get out of their car.
10 X Burpees, 20 X SS, 20 X IW, 20 X MC, 20 X slow squats, 10 X Merkins

Once done mosey about two hundred yards to the football field in back then circle up.
Stolen from the Hoff,
The whistle makes its first appearance for a little game of up downs.
Everyone jog in place, every time the whistle is blown touch your chest to the ground and back up again. Continue for 10 mins

Mosey to the other side of the football field then circle up

Mr. Jack Webb, 1 merkin and 4 air presses up to 7 merkins and 28 air presses.
It was definitely an unimpressive job by the Q counting and keeping track of count, Pac recognizes and Q blamed it on last weekend, weak excuse.

Mosey too the end line of the football field, Mr. Whistle makes another appearance.
1 whistle slow jog, 2 whistles a sprint, planking when you get to the end line and waiting for the pac to regroup, continuing up and down the field 6 times
After listing to more mumble chatter of how this Q wasn’t suppose to like to run, gotcha.

Little time for some Mary

30 X LBC, 14 X Dolley, 14 X Flutter, 14 X Rosalita, 10 X Hells To Heaven (lead by the Brew), 14 X Freddie Mercury,

Mosey back 200 yards to the track next to the field.
Partner up
Partner 1 runs a lap, partner 2 does squats until partner 1 makes it back until the partners have done a total of 150 Squats,
Same thing 100 merkins
Repeat with 75 Carolina Dry Docks
Then 50 lunges 1 lung equals both legs.

Plank up till everyone is done,

A little superman, with pulling arms in for the final two mins.


Great job today pac, way to push yourself especially Stump Hugger and
Relo I know it was a good bit of running. Relo was all excited because he was finally recognized as the War Daddy. Welcome FNGs Steve Miller, now named Griner after the greatest basketball player in Baylor history. Head locked by Blades of Glory. Also Welcome Ethan Burkett named Visa 2.0 of Passport. Excellent job by the 2.0s Spidey and Visa way to out run your fathers. High Tide thank you for giving me the chance to Q ascent, it was an honor. Blitzen than you for taking us out in the ball of man.

Start getting in shape for the Mud Run and Go Ruck coming up in the next few months

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Stump Hugger
10 years ago

Great Q!! It would have been nice if the PAX had their own whistles – maybe our mumble chatter could have been heard!?!

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