Yo, You Guys a Pro Soccer Team?

Yo, You Guys a Pro Soccer Team?

10 men, including 1 FNG, gathered at McAlpine Elementary School this morning for another #F3DayZero style spirit crushing workout.  Here’s this morning’s rendition:

The Thang

Spackler Q

Mosey to the rock pile for a coupon and circle up on the field for COP:

  • SSHs – 20 IC
  • IWs – 20 IC
  • Slow Squats – 20 IC

Partner up for a merkin fest.  Partner A does merkins while Partner B does squats with the rock. Flapjack throughout.  Start with 20 merkins, then 19, then 18…you get the picture…all the way down to 1. That’s 210 merkins.

Mosey with the rock to the playground for some pain stations.

  • Round 1 – 10 incline merkins, 20 curls & press with the rock, 30 dips
  • Round 2 – Do it again
  • Round 3 – 10 decline merkins, 20 CDDs, 30 tricep extensions with rock behind head
  • Round 4 – Do it again
  • Round 5 – Do it again

Purple Haze Q

Return the rocks to the pile and mosey to the front of the school.  Find some bench for:

  • One-legged slow negative squats – 6x left leg, 6x right leg
  • One-legged partial squats on bench – 40x left leg, 40x right leg
  • Split squats – 10x left leg, 10x right leg
  • Step-ups on bench – 20x left leg, 20x right leg

Run a lap around the front parking lot. Line up for 20 yard duck walk. Run to the end of parking lot. 20 yard duck walk. Run to the other end of parking lot. Finish lap with 20 yard duck walk.

Next, perform called exercise then take a lap. Exercises:

  • Forward/backward jumps – 20x
  • Bear squats – 40x
  • Monkey humpers – 40x

Line up along the curb.  With your feet on the curb, 20 butt raises. Flapjack with your elbows on the curb, 20 butt raises.

Mosey to the side of the school for people’s chair. Hold for 20 shoulder raises. Recover. Back in the chair for right leg up, left leg up and tip toes.

Mountain climbers on the wall – 15 IC

Circle up for Mary:

  • Dollies – 20 IC
  • Freddy Mercury – 20 IC (5 slow, 5 fast, 5 slow, 5 fast)
  • Mission Impossible Peter Parkers – 10 IC



5 men met at 0530 for 6 mile ruck. Radar, Busch, Rock Thrill, Young Love & YHC. Young Love had to bolt following the ruck. 4 of stayed for the workout.

2 men met at 0615 for a 3 mile run.  Stagecoach & Semi-Gloss.

4 men fartsacked the pre-workout options and showed up at 0700.

Respect to Pops Gough (68) for battling through the workout with us. He is #OldManStrong and held his own…mainly from the motivational talks he gave himself throughout…called himself a lot of names out there that shall not be repeated here.  You want to see what Spack will look like in a few years?…take a look at Pops.  Friends call him Putt Putt.  We are his friends now…so we call him that too.

Tough workout today.  RT made his tougher by doing 20 merkins each time instead of working down from 20 to 1.  #BarrelChest He kept wondering why Busch was finishing so fast…but Busch is beast…so it was understandable.

Lot of #mumblechatter at the call for 40 one-legged partial squats off the bench. It burned. Goal achieved.

We got to the side of the school for people’s chair and an unprecedented Q-Jack took place.  Exercise calls and cadence counts were overshadowed by a passer-by walking his Rottweiler, asking us if we were a pro soccer team. Nope. Semi-pro team? Nope. Soccer team at all?  Again nope. This conversation went for a while and the Pax were distracted. Circle up for Mary…again questions from the man with the big dog.  You guys drop this little kids sweatshirt? Nope. Q-Jack over. And save the chastising of the Q from Radar, order was restored.

Thanks for taking us out with a powerful prayer Busch.


GRC and BRR sign-ups.  Don’t think. Don’t ask. Just do it.

Mud Run time trials at #F3Outland next Saturday (2/15) 0700.

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10 years ago

I can still see the look of Q jack frustration on PH’s face. Just glad that Rot didn’t get loose or Putt Putt would have been toast. Ole Pops is probably pretty sore today. Then again he is basking on a beach in Nevis right now so I don’t feel sorry for him in the least bit.

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