Give ’em an inch, they take a mile.

Give ’em an inch, they take a mile.

The Thang:
SSH x 25
Imperial Walker x 20
Merkins x 15
Mountains Climbers x 20

Mosey to Loch Ness
Dips x 15 in cadence
Derkins x 10 (ic)
Dips x 10 (ic)
Incline Merkins x 10 (ic)

Over to the grassy field
Partner 1 = 40 alternating high knees, flapjack
Partner 1 = 20 jump-ups, flapjack
All pax plank in line; bunny hop over legs of pax, resume plank at end of line

Over to the BOA hill, with bridge lunge walk and bear crawl up old SPX hill on the way.
6′s on the hill: burpees up top, squats at the bottom

Mosey to 521 bridge
On the bridge: peoples’ chair hold for 30,
Left leg out and hold, regular, right leg out and hold, regular.
hands up for 30, then press it out x 40

Jog to Premier Parking Deck
On the way, 20 yards of broad jumps.

Hit the Deck
Partner 1 = sprint up ramp to top of floor 1, 5 merkin jacks at top, sprint back.
Partner 2 = nonstop donkey kicks on wall
Partner 1 = backwards sprint up incline, 10 jumps squats, sprint back down
Partner 2 = nonstop squats

Bunny hop up 4 stories of parking deck stairs, stopping at each level for Mary
Russian Twist at level 1
LBCs at level 2
Dolly at level 3
Heels to Heaven at level 4

Jog back to old SPX via the golf course cart path and underground tunnel, watching out
for groundskeeper on cart.

Stop at lot for Jane Fonda:
Plank, left heel up and hold, bring plank down to 6 inches, back up, and heel down.
Repeat w/ right.

Mosey back home.


Great work today by all.  We often wondered on our usual circuit how far we were running since most
Stonehenge posts cover most of the BCP.  Champagne measured our route today and we were able
to get 3.4 miles in.  Good to know for future posts.
People’s choice at Mary turned into a battle as Wingman & Champagne competed to see who could make their exercise more painful, hence the title of this post.  I’ll call it a draw….brutal.

BRR sign ups
Champagne working on some leadership/mentoring programs….stay tuned.


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10 years ago

great working out with the Ballantyne pax. Enjoyed the early start opportunity. Man we covered some terrain and the pre-kettle bell bonus beforehand with Frehleys comet, wingman, and champagne was extra fun. Great lead market timer!

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