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8 Men of Action gathered in the early morning gloom, little suspecting that a tasty meal of fried chicken legs, flapjacks, crow, and duck, duck, goose was on the menu.


Horse Head on Q


2 laps around the shovel flag track

20 x SSH

20 x IW

20 x Mountain Climbers

20 x Peter Parker’s

Mosey to Pain Station and pick out a friendly looking rock and a partner.

With 3 cones spaced about 10, 20, and 30 yards from baseline… 1st man does a hairburner to the 10 yard cone and back w/ snow saucer while partner does Russian Twist with his rock.  Then flapjack.

Then 1st man goes to 20 yard cone and back, while his partner does the Russian Twist with his rock. Then flapjack.

1st man to 30, with LBC’s.  Then flapjack.

Switcheroo your partner. Rinse and repeat hair burners with flutter kick and press with your rock.

Switcheroo your partner. Replace burners with inchworm and just hit the 10 and 20 yard marker while your partner tries to breathe and coordinate some kind of ab work with the rock. I think we ended up doing static hip bridge with rock press and mixed in a little pullover action.

Catch your breath and set your pet rock free.

Late Show on Q so we Indian Run to Elementary School

Stop 1/2 way for 30 sec mtn climber, 30 sec right side plank, 30 sec left side plank.

Time was short so we skipped the planned Picnic jumpups and pullup ladder.

Here it is so you know what fun ya missed out on:

(1) pullups then run over to picnic tables and do (10) jump ups, run back to pull ups.

(2) pullups, (9) jump ups

…up to (10) pullups down to (1) jumpup.

Instead, we launched right into a Coach Toxey inspired painfest.  (Coach was YHC’s baseball coach at SVHS)

2 stations just shy of 90 feet apart…

Sprint to 1st, then (12) Carolina dry docks.

Karaoke back to 2nd, then (12) crow pushups – regular merkin  but as you go down you bring your knee around to your elbow, as you go back up, take your foot back. Alternate sides 6 x for a total of (12).

Sprint back to 1st then (12) merkins (not the “American” as YHC was graciously reminded by the PAX).

Karaoke back to 2nd (facing opposite direction) and do (12) Madagascar macaroons or something. Start in plank, down on your elbows and back up = 1 rep.

Take a quick breather

Rinse and repeat, but instead of karaokes, squat down and side shuffle, and drop the reps down to (10)

6 MOM – duck, duck, goose style.  Circle up at station 1 and on your six. 1st man calls out some ab work and sprints to station 2 and back while the PAX grunts it out.

good times with Dollys, Flutter Kicks, Freddy Mercury’s, Back Scratchers, V-tucks, LBC’s, Protractor @10 degrees above horizontal (Thank you Swiss!).

Mosey back to the shovel flag and burpees on your own till the PAX is assembled.


8 brave men arrived at Outland with determination in their eyes. Believe it or not, YHC aka The Late Show was one of the first to arrive, though true to name, the last to be ready to roll. It does, indeed, take time to load up the cargo pockets.

After the warmup appetizer, the main pain course was quickly served up. Fried chicken legs (btw nice shorts Zip) and flapjacks were on the menu at Horse Head’s Hair Burner Cafe. O2 deprivation for the entire crew was evident, but the PAX powered through with determination.

The volume of mumble chatter picked up as we cruised to the elementary playground. But Dead Silence fell over the PAX as we stopped 1/2 way for the mtn climber & side plank break. Bodily harm to YHC’s wristwatch was suggested as the seconds ticked away and arms and abs felt the burn.

After serving up a playground sampler platter of crow, duck, and goose the PAX was full and ready to run it off as we moseyed back to the flag for announcements and prayer.

Reminder that next Saturday we host a little throw down for mud runners, and thanks CT for praying us up.

On behalf of myself and HH, thank you for the privilege to Q.

Respectfully (and actually on time) submitted,

The Late Show.


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Hair Band
10 years ago

Great job Q’s!

Aside from the fact that it was a lot of running! Ugh! As someone that was in a hairband, hair burners are never appreciated either. But oh well I am not there for pleasure just a healthy downpainment, and that was had.

By the way do we need to call DSS on HorseHead for leaving Boondock in the dust? No man… er 2.0 left behind! Aye!

Reply to  Hair Band
10 years ago

Funny – I asked Boondock where he had gone when he went missing for a few mins only to pop out ahead of us at the playground. He said he had found a more efficient shortcut around the school. He actually has a better sense of reckoning than most adults I know and can find his way around in the woods pretty well on hunting trips. He usually knows where we are and how to get home when we are driving around Charlotte too.

That little rascal is partially to blame for the snow saucer hairburner-fest we concocted as well. He had me out doing some test runs last week and was dreaming up all sorts of awful ideas for the workout. A few of them involved people pulling him around on the sled with a rope.

Fun times and my legs were numb most of yesterday.

– HH

The Late Show
The Late Show
10 years ago

Jack webbs = (one of) my weakness. Been doing them every Monday with 10# db’s up to (5) push-ups. I was feeling extra good today after the hair burn painfest. Pretty sure my shoulders aren’t talking to me for the rest of the day.

Reply to  The Late Show
10 years ago

My weaknesses are running and pullups. I have been working on some solo extra-credit runs – as much as my knee will let me. It has been giving me some pain lately and the snow saucer hairburners did not help. I’m up to 4 miles now. That might not sound like much, but given that I could barely run 0.5 miles when I started F3 it’s a huge deal for me. As for the pullups, I’m working on doing real-deal no-cheat full-hanging-extension pullups, not the jump bouncers that I see most people do the workouts. This is much harder. When I can’t do any more, I jump up and do negatives.

– HH

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