Pax must enjoy 20 and snowy more than 40 and rainy.

Pax must enjoy 20 and snowy more than 40 and rainy.

5 pax gathered next to the movie theater in Stonecrest for their weekly pilgrimmage to The Maul.

The Thang:

Mosey in front of the movie theater for a warmup COP

SSH X 25

IW X 20

Slow Squat X 20

Peter Parker Merkin X 10

Ski Abs X 15

Mosey to the fountain for a ladder

20 Wall Squats

20 Derkins

20 Dips

20 Wall Jumps/Step Ups

Run a lap around the nearby stores

Repeato with 30 reps of everything

Repeato with 40 reps of everything

Repeato with 50 reps of everything #crowdpleaser

Mosey to the south end of the mall

Wall Climbers X 10

 Lap around the islands

Heels to Heaven X 15

Wall Climbers X 10

Lap around the islands

Rosalita X 20

Dying cockroach X 15

Mosey back to the lauch point

Freddy Mercury to finish out the clock



YHC was sitting in the parking lot by himself at about 5:25 worried that he would be performing a Han Solo post.  Luckily 4 cars arrived by 5:30.  If memory serves, The Maul had 7 pax post last week during Charlotte Snowmageddon 2014.  Perhaps that weather is preferable to 40 and rainy?

If Frehley’s Comet had shown up, YHC would have offered him a last minute Qing opportunity to make it an even 4 for 4 on his birthday week.

The pax that did show up were up the challenge at hand.  The 4 exercise 20, 30, 40, 50 ladder was no easy feat but the pax beasted through it.  T Claps to all.

Sometimes a small group is advantageous, as it opens up several more options that would be impossible with a larger group.  Today, that was the wall climbers.  Many pax have obstacle races coming up in the spring and this was a good way of practicing.


Last week to sign up for the custom GORUCK Challenge on March 14.

Mic Check on Q next week.


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