5 SUC’s (Sons of Union County) rose up and were ready for their daily dose of downpainment on this Super Bowl eve.


Double E on Q


30 x SSH

25 x IW

10 x Burpees OYO

15 x Slow Hand Release Perkins

15 x Rotating Lunge Circle Right

10 x Burpees OYO

25 x Slow Squats

Mosey to Pain Station and pick out Rock to Begin Building a Firm Foundation (Luke 6:48)! Aye!

Horsehead was emotionally unbalanced so he needed a little dose of close group time.

Start with Group Navy Seal Sit Ups x 15 to 15 count elbow planks

Rinse & Repeat


Start to enter station

40 x Rock Merkins (20 LH on Rock to 20 RH on Rock)

25 x Rock Curls

20 x Rock Squats (How low can you go?)

20 x Overhead Rock Tricept Extensions

 4 Inline cones each about 12 yards apart (surrounded by 4 corner cones @ approx. 60 yards x 30 yards)

3 Exercises at each cone with Rock – Ground to Overhead Thruster, Flutter Press, Burpees

Cone #1 – 20x GTOT, 20x FP, 10x Burp

Painstation Perimeter Run with Rock stopping by Dip Station for 10x Dips

Cone#2 – 15x GTOT, 15X FP, 10x Burp

Painstation Perimeter Run with Rock stopping by Dip Station for 10x Dips

Cone#3 – 10x GTOT, 10X FP, 10X Burp

Painstation Perimeter Run with Rock stopping by Dip Station for 10x Dips

Cone#4 – 5x GTOT, 5x FP, 5x Burp

Painstation Perimeter Run with Rock stopping by Dip Station for 10x Dips

Replace Rock in Rock Pile

The Painstation proved to live up to its name as all PAX were sucking some serious O2 during the workout and run.  The chatter of the peanut gallery was silenced by heavy breathing and grunting. Only the sounds of an occasional 10 count, murmer of a choice word, or Vurp from Horse.  Great work by all.

Zip Now on Q

Mosey back towards the Middle School!

– Wait, plenty of Pain Stations along the way as we pass the obsticle course we can’t neglect!

  • 20 Decline Merkins off the telephone poles
  • 20 Incline Merkins on the stumps
  • 20 Perkins next to the pond at HHs request

Circuit Work x3:

  • 20 Donkey Kicks
  • 20 Jump Ups
  • 30 Dips

Peoples Chair

  • 1 Minute with various arm motion
  • 1 minute to include 40 air-presses

Rail Work:

  • Supine pull-ups — x10, x8, x6, x4 and back to 10

Mosey up the hill to the VSF:



4 (+1) Eager and Determined PAX arrived to Outland early, ready to welcome the first F3 Beatdown of February.  THEN suddenly, like a flash of Lightening, Mr. “I wasn’t late. I just failed to be on time.” Late Show joined the group midway through the run to warm up with the group.  Apparently packing both pockets of cargo pants with a full extra change of clothes takes a little extra time.  All accounted for, it was time to let the Pain begin!

And the Pain sure followed.  The PAX worked hard, was strong but weary throughout.  During the 2nd half we thought we’d lost one and not from a wardrobe malfunction.  As the PAX was working through the circuit work a loud thunderous THUD came crashing down from Horse Head as he once again has yet to master the wall.  #makefriendswiththewall….

Great performance by all!!!!!!


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Counter Top
Counter Top
10 years ago

Outstanding beatdown on Saturday gentlemen. I think we need to add Double E into our regular line up of QICs @ #F3Outland. He’s got the art of pain mastered.

10 years ago

No doubt. That was a solid workout. The best part was knowing that there was absolutely no way I would have even completed the first round without the PAX. That’s where the solo gym workouts really fail – when you need some encouragement and all you get is a fat nude guy in the locker room using the hand dryer inappropriately. Nobody needs that . . .

Thanks for the beatdown and the motivation.

Counter Top
Counter Top
10 years ago

Well said HH. Working out along side of the gym rats is not nearly as motivating as being out in the gloom with #F3MenofHonor.

Although your depiction of the Locker Room Vagrant sounds like great comic relief after a long workout.

Looking forward to experiencing your personal style of PAIN this coming Sat.

Coming soon…#HorseHeadBeatdown 2-8-14.

Double E
10 years ago

Glad to see CT back in action. There is no flu that can keep him down! Zip has the art of improvised pain down pact and I give HH Tclaps for continually falling down and getting back up #workingoncoordinationskills. Looking forward to the inaugural Q of The Late Show……. if he makes it in time. Great Work Guys! Incredible group @ Outland!

The Late Show
The Late Show
10 years ago

Just circle up around the phone and I can call out the cadence.

Hair Band
10 years ago

Sorry I missed it guys, looking forward to getting back out there Saturday.

Sounds like Late Show automatically takes the 2nd half Q.

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