Confetti Angels

Confetti Angels

Despite #Cantore calling for Seattle-like weather conditions, 13 men of DMZ were greeted by near perfect conditions.  There were no confetti angels this morning, but in honor of the new champs, Q decided a WIB staple (3-man grinders) seemed appropriate.  Here’s the Thang:

Clock hit 0530:  Fast mosey to Carmel Middle.

SSH x50
Dips x20

Mosey down to rock pile by the ball fields.  Form teams of 3 (…eventually).  Man 1 kept the coupon company at the bottom of the parking lot.  Man 2 took position up the hill at the entrance to the parking lot.  Man 3 ran the parking lot to switch.  Exercises performed AMRAP until switch.

Man 1 with coupon / Man 2 without:

Goblet squats / Merkins
Lunges / the Carl Dean (Dolly variation)
Russian twists / Wide arms
Overhead press / LBCs
Squat – press / Burpees

Replace coupons and mosey to parking lot entrance.  10 Burpees OYO.

Backwards run up the hill to first speed bump.  Alternating karaoke to second speed bump.  Jailbreak home.

The suited-man moleskin:

Counting to 3 was really hard this morning.  I think the first attempt at “team of 3″ ended up with a single team of 3, 3 teams of 2, and a team of 4.  #qfail  After YHC endured a seemingly endless stretch of merkins with no teammate in sight, we managed to get the teams split up correctly. 

Some interesting rock choices by the Pax, especially given the limited instructions.  YHC forgot about the planned overhead presses and chose poorly.  #secondQfail  Gangsta mouse and team had a rock that could have fit in one hand.  Guess they were planning to run with their coupon?

YHC introduced an old wrestling exercise, believed to be yet unseen at F3 that is something similar to the Rosalita and the Dolly.  On your back, legs straight at 6″ off the ground, raise legs to 18″, spread, back together, and back to 6”.  Welcome to the Carl Dean.

Strong work out there with minimal mumblechatter for my first Q south of Fairview.  I think only the widearms and last 10 burpees drew even a single comment. There were no 10-counts and no breaks.  Planned exercises hit most all major muscle groups.  The WIB-style of workout is constant motion and you vs you (virtual trohpies excluded), which makes it tough yet FNG-friendly.  Speaking of…

Welcome to FNG, Ski Bunny, who made his way from Concord to Jackson Hole and back to Charlotte.  Great to have you out there this morning, and we hope you make it out again.

Thanks to FOD and Skywalker for the opportunity. 


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10 years ago

Kirk, great workout and solid lead Brother. Thanks for stepping up to Q. You are welcome back any time. Aye

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