Time to Carry Humans

Time to Carry Humans

9 Pax posted for a mixture of Heavy, speed and a little practice for those in the GRC on Feb. 7th and the recipe called for “More Fireman’s Carry”!

The Thang:

4.4 Miles total

Telephone Pole

65lbs sand bag


3 miles of Heavy Ruck

1/2 Mile of Farmer Carries

1 mile Speed Time Hack – Made it in 13 minutes

We headed out Carmel Middle this morning and it was a challenging Ruck.  The team had to be mindful of the terrain which was, in some areas, still covered in Ice.  So for the guys on the telephone pole, it added a new element to the ruck – intensely watching one’s footsteps while carrying a lot of weight.

Time: 4.4 Miles



Sorry for the late post, it’s the end of the month and YCH was covered up at work.  Couldn’t do anything accept work…strange huh?

– Great team work today!  YHC was asked by the Pax to discuss what to expect in the challenge and it didn’t dawn on me that we needed to do a better job of this. To summarize”

– It’s going to suck

– You will have to carry a lot of weight for a long period of time

– Make it through the Welcome Party no matter what – Cheat when you can!

– Find the one thing you do really well, find a partner that can do the same (i.e. carrying ammo can, water jug, human, sandbags, Pole…whatever the Cadre throws at us) and OWN it

– Stay hydrated.  Bring protein bars, snacks and electrolyte tablets

– Don’t complain at all.

– Help your brothers and they will help you

– Finish as a TEAM in everything you do

– Don’t be afraid to take a leadership role

-There will be times when EVERYONE is carrying something, so suck it up and keep moving

– You will have to carry another person so study up on technique; also if you are carried it is uncomfortable, so use the other guy’s pack as support

– Embrace the suck.  It is only temporary but when you finish it will all make sense

T-Claps to the Pax during the partner carries. That to me is the single hardest part of the challenge and you embraced it!  Nice work.

Please sound off with comments below.

As always, it was an honor to lead this group of men today

Respectfully, The Hoff

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BTB (Bob The Builder)
BTB (Bob The Builder)
9 years ago

Today was great. And Hoff got to do his favorite thing – pick up men.

It was a true challenge moment when everyone realized that there was no man without something to carry. The partner carries really helped us get into the zone. I love it!!

Clueless and flo-rida got to learn how bad it sucks being the dead man. Good work guys, I know how uncomfortable that can be.

Thanks for the awesome Q, Hoff.

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