Devils at Every Turn

Devils at Every Turn

Five pax:  One ski mask, one hoodie, a frozen goatee, a frozen beard and a #FrogFace took to the gloom for a math lesson form the substitute Q.  After a quick check to make sure our ski masked pax wasn’t indeed pulling a #Mulan (turns out it was Tumbleweed), five steam engines lurched out of the station.

As we mosey we learn that Turkey Leg and Splinter were still suffering the effects of hill sprints at Tuesday’s Fast Twitch.  With additional hill work on tap at Devil’s Turn (doesn’t HB read backblasts?), they opted for Rebel Yell.  Which featured hills and running. Still preferable to that SnoRuck business over at Hydra, though.

The Weinke had only two items:  Get Warm.  Stay Warm.

At our first stop, we reviewed exponents:  see how this hill next to Wendy’s resembles an exponential curve (for business majors, that’s kind of like compound interest;  for liberal arts majors, that means it’s, like, really hard and stuff).  Old school Jocob’s Ladder on the hill–Burpees 1 to 7.  It’s quite a view from the top, despite that it overlooks an empty parking lot.  The red lighting from the Target sign at the top gave it that little special something.  With the Get Warm portion of the Weinke thus completed, we moseyed to the business side of the shopping center for the Stay Warm portion.  Strikeout led the requisite, though not entirely necessary “warm up” with SSH, IW and Squats.

Modified Beast at the Speed Bumps:

  • Round 1:  Start with 2 merkins. At each of the six speed bumps, add 2. Finish at stop sign with 14 merkins.  Mosey back 1/4 mile.
  • Round 2:  Start with 4 LBC’s, add 4 at each stop (up to 28).  Mosey back 1/4 mile.
  • Round 3:  Start with 2 squats, add 2 at each stop (14 squat jumps at last stop).  Mosey back 1/4 mile.
  • Round 4:  Start with 1 burpee, add 1 at each stop (up to 7).

For each of the rounds, the first pax starts called exercise upon arrival, for bonus work.  The last pax to the speed bump starts the official count.  Thus, the fast guys get more work but we all get to stay together.  Two miles total.  This was sort of the other math part due to all the addition.  Just humor me.

Parking lot weave in front of the theater (stole that from someone at Hydra from a few weeks ago) and back to the station for three minutes of Strikeout-led Mary.  Turns out moist fleece caps freeze to the pavement.



  • Radar, flush with cash after taking Round 1 of the 51 Weight Loss Challenge, and perhaps a little doughy after a three day business trip, used the old “late flight” routine to get me to sub this morning.  A quick look at the schedules showed the latest Denver flight getting in at 9:05 pm.  Hmmm… thinks I’ve been had.  Again.
  • Some chatter on Twitter this morning about TL’s deceptive speed.  I have some theories:  First, he’s a runner and he runs a lot.  That probably plays into it.  Second, he runs with faster people, like chasing a bunch of scalded dogs up the Muthaship on Mondays.  He works at it.  Third, and not an insignificant consideration, he weighs as much as a lawn dart.  The key to hauling arse is to have less arse to haul.
  • Strikeout was no slouch out there either, alternating between leaving no man behind and leaving every man behind.  Not unlike a soccer game, now that I think about it.
  • Despite complaints of tight hammies, Splinter was right up front as well.  One can’t help to think that if he didn’t carry his janitor-sized keychain in his pocket, he’d pick up a step or two.
  • TClaps to the bemasked Tumbleweed, posting for only the third time and admitted afterwards, “I was hoping for a few more merkins”.  Way to push through on a running heavy workout.


  • I saw a tweet that a car was stolen from an F3 workout in NoCo earlier this week.  I don’t know any of the details, but think about your key hiding habits at workouts.  On top of your tire may as well be in the ignition.  Ask Bugeater.  He has a warning tale for the tire hiders.
  • The Blue Ridge relay is the most fun you will have at an F3 CSAUP.  Don’t let the running fool you:  it’s 6 or 7 miles followed by 6 or 7 hours of rest.  It’s doable for just about every Pax.  Get with Baracus and sign up for a 9 or 12 man team.




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10 years ago

You were kinda had TR. For the record my flight landed at 8:55. However I was not home until after 10. Anything after 9 is late for me. So I was kind of telling the truth. Thanks for filling in.

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