Three (two) Minutes to Mercy

Three (two) Minutes to Mercy


23 Pax braved the 50 degree weather to punish their bodies, sometimes to failure.

The Thang

Jog around school to parking area

Warm Up
Squats x20
Merkins x15
SSH x20
Carolina Dry Docks x15

Mosey to Quarry for Coupon
Coupon to sidewalk and line up

Circuits move from shoulders, to chest, to arms, to abs, to legs – Pax mental abilities are generally limited at 5:40 in the morning

Circuit 1
10 presses
Carry coupon to goal
20 merkins (10 each hand on the rock)
Carry coupon back
30 curls
Coupon to goal
Coupon back
50 squats w/rock


Circuit 2
10 CDDs
20 diamond merkins on rock
30 good mornings
40 flutters with rock press
50 lunges


Circuit 3
10 coupon front raises
20 switch merkins
30 tricep extensions
40 Coupon twists
50 jump squats


Return coupon to quarry

Mosey to playground, split into two groups for some CSAUP exercise

Group 1
Do as many pull ups as you can in 3 minutes
Audible called after 2:00 as even YHC was at (utter) failure
Group 2
People’s chair with air presses for 3 (2) minutes

30 decline merkins
40 dips

30 incline merkins
40 SMKs

Line up in groups to finish off with sprints

Pax anticipated probably more pull ups than were handed down as YHC has a certain fondness for this wonderful movement (although it was noted by Crabcake that YHC was not performing them properly – i.e. full extension). Quantity vs. Quality!. Just to note – YHC did not call Crabcake out for his poor form while exiting the mulch pile. Hope that ankle heals quickly brother.

The coupon circuits seemed to be especially enjoyable for many. As always, the size and density of coupons vary greatly between men. FYI – if you could do a full sprint with your rock in one hand, it was probably too small.

Two FNGs were in the gloom this morning – solid work brothers… Welcome Rollback and Backhand! See you both (hopefully) in the gloom. Backhand, don’t make me regret going to the carpet to keep you from being named Fuzzy Balls!

Announcements: Still 8 spots for the GORUCK. No beard required. Get with Dora if you are interested.

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10 years ago

Perfect form coming out of the mulch pile. Twist ankle, fall, roll, few choice words, get back up and fall again. Perfect 10(quality). Thanks brother.

10 years ago

I thought Salt Lick was trying to shake off and few PAX and thin the herd with his fast twitch warm up lap around the school. Good workout today… and we all new that the pull ups were going to be part of the program at some point. But 3min AMRAP… that was one to remember.

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