The Bruise Brothers Get Filthy

The Bruise Brothers Get Filthy

A double virgin Q today at #F3DayZero by the Danner Brothers and they brought a calculated, diabolical plan of attack that did not disappoint or show mercy to the men that bravely posted.  The flag was planted and off we went to tackle the Filthy Fifty.

The Thang

Probation Q

Warm up lap around the track stopping at each corner for some warp speed OYO exercises:

  • SSHs – 50 OYO
  • IWs – 50 OYO
  • Squats – 50 OYO
  • LBCs – 50 OYO

Grab some rocks and line up on the field.  Run to each trash can and perform called exercise, there and back:

  • Round 1 – 25 curls, 25 shoulder presses, 50 curls, 25 shoulder presses, 25 curls
  • Round 2 – 25 wide-arm merkins, 25 high knees, 50 regular merkins, 25 high knees, 25 wide-arm merkins
  • Round 3 – 25 diamond merkins, 25 mission impossible peter parkers (these sucked), 50 heel touches, 25 mission impossible peter parkers (sucked even worse), 25 diamond merkins

Partner up at the playground equipment for 50 total as a team of both pull-ups and tricep dips.

Mosey to school with partner.  BTW push-ups while other partner does people’s chair.  Work and flapjack until you get to 50 total on the push-ups.

One partner plank while other partner crawls under. Work and flapjack until you reach 50 total.

Whiplash Q

Mosey to the front of the school.  One partner does called exercise while other partner runs lap around parking lot.  Go until you finish as a team.

  • 50 right side step ups with calf raise
  • 50 left side step ups with calf raise
  • 50 calf raises
  • 50 right side step ups
  • 50 left side step ups

Stay with your partner for some push and pull work.

  • One partner pushes while other partner resists for length of parking lot. Flapjack
  • One partner pulls while other partner resists for length of parking lot. Flapjack
  • Repeat pushes
  • Repeat pulls

More four corners in the front parking lot:

  • Corner 1 – Right side plank with 50 leg raises
  • Corner 2 – Left side plank with 50 leg raises
  • Corner 3 – 50 right side CCVs
  • Corner 4 – 50 left side CCVs

Mosey to cars. 10 slow squats to cool down.



The brothers brought the pain this morning in their respective virgin Qs.  Probation went after the upper body and Whiplash focused on the lower body.  No doubt the Pax will feel full body soreness tonight.

A good group of men at #F3Day Zero this morning.  It was cold. Everyone worked hard.  Not a lot of mumble chatter except for Radar, who always tries to get into the Q’s head.  But the brothers are wise to his tactics and they carried on with their plan for pain.

FNG Snookie came out today….welcome brother.  He’s high school buddies with Radar, Bananas and Good Hands.  It took us a while to name him as apparently there is some sort of code with the East Meck grads to not offer any dirt on what happened in their wilder days.  Steven finally let us know that he loved reality TV and Snookie was born.

Long Distance set the pace on the double time SSHs. There is power in that track suit brother!

Spackler and Jamboree set the pace on the running…the whole time Spackler is exclaiming that he is not a runner.  Brother, you’ve signed up for BRR, you co-Q #F3Nomad with Strange Brew and you are running a 13.1 this summer…you are a runner.

Philmont brought his A game today as well and put a serious EH on a guy trying to study next to our group at coffeeteria.  All we heard was “F3 changed my life”…then they spit on their respective hands and shook on it.  Nice work Philmont!


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The Hoff
10 years ago

Holy cow that routine looked tough! Nice work new Q’s.

10 years ago

Nonsensical gibberish.

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