SPEARHEAD takes on Ole Man winter

SPEARHEAD takes on Ole Man winter

7 hearty souls decided to exit the fart sack and punch Ole Man Winter in the throat.

This is how we did it.

Grab coupons and ruck down to the football field. Deposit coupons at the 50 yrd sideline across from the bench. However no bench warmers among these SH Faithful!

1/4 mile jog around track

Power Stations

1. 40lb. sand bag Hammer Chop

2. 30lb. Ruck Russian Twist with occasional dollies and flutters to break up the  monotony

3. 40lb. SB Clean and Press

4. 30lb. Ruck Bear Hug Squat

5. 2 40lb Ruck Farmers Carries to opposite sideline and back-this was our time keeper. when he returns we all switch stations.

6. Bridgestone 215-65-R15 Tire Throw—a new SH gadget

7. 2 35lb Kettle Bells for Renegade Row Man Makers with optional Bent Over Rows

8. 20 Kilo KB swings

Optional task was to grab a partner and ruck the telephone pole around track

Rotate twice and run a 1/4 mile lap around track. We rotated 2 and 1/2 times for 5 posts at each power station.


-No one took the challenge of the optional task of rucking the telephone poll. Maybe next time.

-Possibly the coldest post ever. Wind was brutal coming out of turns 1 and 4.

-T-Claps for Mighty Might claiming his 9th SH post. Strong work out there MM. He has earned his patch.

-T-Claps to Liquor Cycle who is now pumping iron with The Hoff. Watch out!

-Charlotte Rescue Mission F3 workout on Saturdays at 9am.Come and be blessed!

– Thanks Rev. Flow Rida for the closing prayer. Strong medicine!

– It was a pleasure leading you men today. Thank you for the privilege.

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