A quick tour of Rain Tree

A quick tour of Rain Tree

5 Braveful souls went on a tour of Raintree and run through the hills at #F3FastTwitch.

 The Thang

Run from launch point to providence road and back with some pain in between. 

Warm up

Quick jog around the parking lot twice alternating butt kicks and high knees. 

SSH x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Run half a mile at a 5k pace.  20 merkins


Run another half a mile at a 5k pace and do 10 sumo squats (hold the squat for five seconds and then jump up).


Run half a mile at a 5k pace and do fifteen J Los.


Run a mile and then do 15 diamond merkins.


Run down and up to the top of the hill at the entrance of Rain Tree at a 5k pace.  Rest one minute.


Run back to the school to finish for two minutes of marry. 



T-claps for the four guys that came out.  Haze was upset again about being the war daddy.  Everyone did a great job pushing themselves and their pace.  This was my first Q at #FastTwitch and I appreciate the support.  Sorry it took so long to get the back blast out.  There was some technically errors on my part.  Hope to do it again soon. 

Thanks to Purple Haze for taking us out in prayer. 



Email Baracas if you are interested in participating in the BRR

(posted on behalf of Frasier)

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