Leadership, Time Hacks, and Trailblazing at SPEARHEAD

Leadership, Time Hacks, and Trailblazing at SPEARHEAD

14 SPEARHEADs decided to start their Thursday off a little early for some good old fashioned time hacks.

The following information was PreBlasted to the SPEARHEADs earlier this week:


Points of interest:

  • This workout will be at SPEARHEAD South – Carmel Middle School
  • Park in the upper bus parking lot near the yellow gate
  • Arrive at 0435 in order to coordinate your team, appoint leadership, and plan for your mission.
  • This map is for your use. Study it, this is your homework.
  • Come prepared to move with a purpose, we should cover at least 5.5 miles across varying terrain.
  • This workout will be about moving as a team
  • There will be no heavy awkward coupons
  • Everyone bring a head lamp, they will be highly necessary.
  • This will be the closest simulation to movements during a challenge that we have done, minus the slight lack of coupons.
  • We intend to arrive back at CMS for COT around 0615

The Thang:

We arrived at CMS at 0435.  Clueless, our newest committed SPEARHEAD, was first on the scene.  He proudly displayed his laminated copy of the map that was distributed earlier in the week.

At 0440, the team assembled and chose a team leader and navigator.  The team was given a waypoint – “MP” (Mountainbrook Park)

Luckily for the team, Clueless was able to use his map and the team leadership developed a plan.  The team leader proposed a time limit of 20 minutes, while Angler suggested 30 minutes.  The Q took an average of 25 minutes, and we launched at 0445. Team Leader: Clueless Navigator: The Hoff

First Mission: 
Waypoint: Mountainbrook Park.
Estimated distance: 1.5 miles.
Time Limit Chosen: 25 minutes
Route: The team went down Lori Ln and onto Colony. Left on Carmel. Right on Mill Pond. Follow Mill Pond to Mountainbrook, bear right. Park is at the end of the road.
Actual Time: 30 minutes :: TIME HACK FAILED

At Mountainbrook Park – find package hidden in the bushes.
Ruck with 6 bricks and a length of chain discovered. New coupon.
A new team leader was appointed – Dora. Navigator appointed – Mighty Mite.
Culkin, being a Mountainbrook native, was permitted to assist the team with finding a secret short cut through the woods.

Second Mission: 
Waypoint: Phillips Place Cinema.
Estimated distance: 1.25 miles.
Time Limit Chosen: 20 minutes
Route: The team went into Mountainbrook park until they saw the creek. Hoff found a new log, and Donkey Kong found a rock. Two new team coupons.
Turn right at the creek, walk through the woods and up to Colony road. Take Colony Road to Fairview. Left on Fairview. Left into Phillips Place.
Actual Time: 22 minutes :: TIME HACK FAILED

The team was lucky that there was a security vehicle parked in front of the movie theater. There is a fountain there, which was planned to be used for a punishment for failing the time hack.
The PAX stayed dry, and we continued on.

Coupon hidden in the bushes at Phillips Place. Liquor Cycle found a 40lb sandbag. New coupon added to the team.
A new team leader was appointed: Crab Cakes.

Third Mission: 
Waypoint: Carmel Middle School
Estimated distance: 2 miles.
Time Limit Chosen: 30 minutes
Route: Take Fairview to Colony. Right on Colony. Left on Carmel. Right on Camilla. End at CMS.
Actual Time: 37 minutes :: TIME HACK FAILED

When we made the turn onto Camilla, our time hack was already failed. Dora was killed off and added to the Team’s load as punishment for missing the time hack. As we know, The Hoff likes to pick up men, so he leaped at the chance to carry Dora for the rest of the way.

Arrived at COT – 0615



  • Good work out there, everyone. I hope you enjoyed mixing it up a little bit today.
  • This workout was not as hard physically as some other workouts, but it was designed to give you a taste of how a challenge will run. Today was less exercise, more training.
  • In a challenge, Your team will move in formation, and various team leaders will be appointed throughout the evolution. You will not have a map during a challenge, but I thought it would be helpful since most people may not know the area that well.
  • When the map was sent out, it was indicated that it was “for your use”.  I 100% expected that nobody would bring a printed copy, but Clueless proved me wrong.  He had his map fully laminated and printed on both sides.  This guy’s experience in various types of adventure races and challenges shows!


  • SPEARHEAD Civil War is coming up on Feb 15th. We need HCs to this event! Let us know if you will participate.
  • Cadre Lou has been announced as the cadre for 2/7 GRC and 2/8 GRL. This is an awesome opportunity that you may not want to miss.

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10 years ago

Great job. Thanks for getting it all together.

The Hoff
10 years ago

Outstanding planning and execution BTB and The Pax. This was one of my favorite days at SPEARHEAD….nothing like good traninig along with great F2 moments!

Iron Horse
Iron Horse
10 years ago

It’s 4:45am – – GOt RUCK?
Really enjoyed the fun and fellowship this morning – nice, brisk morning walk!
i echo Hoff’s comment that this was one of my favorite days.
and T-claps for your thought and preparation in the workout – impressive.
[and thanks for limiting the smooth logs…..”my kingdom for a sandbag!”]

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