SPEARHEAD makes a trip to Grandma’s House

SPEARHEAD makes a trip to Grandma’s House

10 rucktarts ventured into the gloom fully loaded to pay their respects to Grandma bearing gifts on she would appreciate. This is how the deal went down.

1/2 Mile Ruck–Pick up telephone pole, 2 man log and 3 smaller logs from the woods. Proceed to ruck to grandmas ( Carmel Rd. Park Football Field). 15 minutes later we were lined up under field goal.

10x 8 count no 6 count body builders

Divide into two teams with LC leading one and YHC the other

Over and Under 120 yrds. to opposite field goal

15x Squat hold and touch side of foot with hand on a 3 count

Bear Crawls 120 yards to opposite field goal with 30 merkins along the way

40x  Squats on a 3 count

Ruck back with telephone pole and logs

Tuck logs back in the bushes

100 yd. Sniper drills on football field with 5 merkins when down 30 total

100 yrd. Low crawl or 50yrd low crawl and 50 yd lunges (Pax picked their poison)


Mole Skin

-I made the mistake of suggesting to Mighty Mite that they might want to speed it up on the 2 man log to catch up with the others on the way to Grandma’s House. I think he wanted to take a swing at me. Thankfully, I was out of reach.

-T-claps to Liquor Cycle for helping lead. You guys were more together than we were.

-T-claps to Double Trouble and Sundancer SH_FNGs hope you guys come back out

-T-claps to Mighty Mite and Donkey Kong. They are both in “Heavy” mode. Donkey Kong should have no problems with any time hacks at the Bragg Heavy. We left Grandmas early thinking we might be a little slower getting back but DK pulled away quick with the telephone pole leaving the pax in the dust. I know because I was on the tail end of the TP with no relief in sight. Thanks Check Point for catching up to me and surfing the TP to its resting place.

-T-claps to BTB and Wolfman for 4:15am preruck

-Strong work by a great bunch of guys! It was an honor leading you men. Look forward to doing it again on Friday!


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BTB (Bob The Builder)
BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

Great workout, BLC. I remember now how much I hate bear crawls!

This one also reminded me how much we need to practice low crawls before March

The Hoff
10 years ago

Great work! Nice to see 2 FNG’s out there!
So where is my Pole? At Grandma’s house or did you Ruck it back to Carmel?

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