The Weinke Made Me Do It

The Weinke Made Me Do It

11 PAX gathered to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. with a Matrix style beat down courtesy of YHC.

The Thang:

Mosey around the lot to shake off the cold weather and the weekend.


SSH x 30

IW x 25

Squats x 25

Merkins x 25, hold for

Mountain Climbers x 25, hold for

Plank Jacks x 25

Indian Run up to street and around to playground

Pain stations:

10 pull ups, 20 squats, 30 derkins and plank-o-rama

10 pull ups, 20 squats, 30 inclined merkins and plank-o-rama

10 pull ups, 20 squats, 30 dips and plank-o-rama

Mosey to stumps:

Reverse lunge into single leg step up on the stump.  10 each leg, then run 100 yards.

Repeat with 20 each leg, then 30 each leg.

Mosey to wall:

2 rounds of peoples chair with some merkins and squats in the middle.

Mary – 30 x Flutter & 30 x Dolly


A quiet group out there today.  Either they were feeling the dread of going back to work on a Monday or the fact that they came to work out at 0530 on their day off.  After the first set of 10 reverse lunge to step ups, there was calls hinting at an audible and mutiny before the set of 30 came.  YHC couldn’t help it at that point – I’m just a slave to the Weinke.  Once it was called there was no turning back.  This was not an exercise you could sprint through, just slow, plodding, and painful.  Good work by the PAX for finishing it out.

Thanks to Salt Lick for the send off.

Looking forward to those who join the Alf Triple Play this week.  YHC on tomorrow at Skunkworks and with Abacus on Saturday at Area 51.


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Uncle Leo
10 years ago

I’m guessing the BB got posted so quickly becuase once you sat down you couldn’t get back up! Great workout Alf. Like the perserverence on 10-20-30, but you can always call an audible #omaha seems popular…

10 years ago

Can’t understand why every time I get up from my chair, my legs feel like jello. Nice MLK Q in the gloom.

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