“The kids are off school, you are off work, and you’re STILL getting up at 5am?”

“The kids are off school, you are off work, and you’re STILL getting up at 5am?”

Sixteen of South Charlotte’s finest converged on the DMZ playground for a little frosty fun.  The thang….


To Carmel Middle by way of Imperial Walkers, Lunges, and a short sprint

Dipsx25 on the benches (station #1)

Sprint to corner of parking lot for some Mary (station #2)

Sprint to side of school for some decline mountain climbers (x20), squats (x20) and people’s chair (station #3)

Split into 4 groups and do several rotations of the three pain stations; three groups are always exercising and one group always moving between stations

Mosey to center of field


Sprint half track; out halfway line to track, sprint round to half way line on other side; as soon as first guy gets to half way all pax converge back to center of field from wherever they are on the track


Repeat sprint…each pax tries to get further round track than previous time before first guy is home

Back into 4 groups: Station #1 Half way line – merkins / Station #2 25yd line – squats / Station #3 goal line – burpees.  Rotate – station 1 to station 2, bear crawl; station 2 – station 3, crab walk; station 3 to station 1, sprint.

Mosey back to parking lot with 5 burpees at stop sign and each speed bump

Moleskin: Thanks to those of the 16 pax who did not have to go to work today but still ignored the very logical question (paraphrased from Love Boat’s M) in the header.  Was trying to keep things moving this morning.  Pax seemed a bit confused to be doing SSHs in the parking lot…needed their usual mosey to get going.  Finally had the chance to actually walk while doing Imperial Walkers (always wanted to do that, but it’s still a lame exercise).

Great to have several DMZ FNGs…come back soon.

Thanks for the chance to lead.  FF



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10 years ago

Film Festival, I’m sorry that I missed this one! Thanks for taking the Q.

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