Burpees are part of 6MOM

Burpees are part of 6MOM

23 men ignored the temptation of the fartsack and got to experience a new flavor of pain.

The Thang

Bob Vila Q:

Mosey to the parking lot by the lake for a COP warmup

SSH X 30

Good mornings X 20

IW X 20

Arm Circles X 10

Reverse Arm Circles X 10

Mountain Climbers X 20

Merkins X 10

Diamonds X 10

Mosey to Loch Ballantyne

Lunge walk for about 30 yards, continue to mosey

Bear crawl 50 yards, continue the mosey to the far wall.

Split into 3 groups:  Group 1 Peoples Chair, Group 2 AMRAP Wall Dips, Group 3 Lap around the lake.  Flapjack until each group has completed all three exercises.

Same 3 groups:  Group 1 Balls to the Wall, Group 2 Incline merkins, Group 3 Decline merkins.  Flapjack until each group has completed all three exercises.

Switch over the Q to Mighty Mite

Mosey to the parking lot behind Pull up Forest.

Line up across the parking lot.

Lunge walk ladder with squats at every other parking space.  Finishing with 9 squats.

Burpee suicides.  Increasing burpees at each parking space.  Finishing with 9 burpees.

Bear crawl merkin ladder with increasing increments of 2 merkins at each parking space.  Finishing with 18 merkins at the last line.

Mosey back to the grassy area next to the lake for 6MOM in a Mary Go Round fashion.

Camacho: Rosalita + 10 Merkins

Frehley’s Comet:  Dolly’s to Heaven + 10 MerkinsG

Puppy Luv:  Bicycle + 10 merkins

Grass Stain: Dolly + 10 Burpees

Indian Run back to the Launch Point

10 burpees



Thanks to Bob Vila for bringing a sample of F3 Raleigh pain.  Come back and post with us again the next time you’re in town.

During the 6MOM, Camacho decided to pepper in an additional 10 merkins after his exercise.  This was not a popular decision with many of the pax, namely Hops, who had already gotten their fill of merkins during the ladder and didn’t enjoy doing “non-traditional ab exercises” during Mary time.  The pax that followed him followed suit and gave a side of merkins with their Mary.

Frehley’s didn’t think that the pax were moving fast enough during the indian run, so we did 10 burpees to burn off any extra energy.


All Monday workouts are being held at their usual times and locations.  For those pax who won’t be working, there will be coffeeterias to follow.

Haggis tried to recruit more pax for his ultra run in March.  The Charlotte pax didn’t seem to be biting but he might have lassoed Bob Vila to join him.

Sign up for the BRR.   Teams are forming now.  Email Baracus.

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10 years ago

Excellent job this morning. After the morning KB, could barely do the pushups. Nice to be back in the gloom. Going for 6 this week.

10 years ago

Burpee suicides and bear crawl merkin were painful back-to-back. Good to have double hate-hate Qs to keep us old guys movin’!
Much mumblechatter from YHC…due to the merkin overdose and also the bludgeoning of the cadence counts in the 6MoM free-for-all.
T-claps to the Qs for a solid workout…only negative was that we were way over the appropriate # of Patriot fans in the pax.

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