Our new toy at SPEARHEAD…

Our new toy at SPEARHEAD…

7 Men came out for a combination of shoulder-crushing slow Ruck mixed with fast-paced Time Hacks…The best combo of speed and power

The Thang:

Pretty simple.  1 Mile Ruck with Telephone Pole and 1 60Lbs sandbag

1 Mile No coupons: TIME HACK

Rinse and Repeat

Total Miles: 4.46

Time: 1:30 min



I know it doesn’t look like much, but trust me it was.  A few Pax were nursing injuries and elected to opt out of the coupon carrying so we had to come together as a team to get the weight moved and make sure our brothers were ok.

This kind of routine is always the most fun.  It is a healthy combination of F1 and F2 and we really learn a lot about each other while on the Ruck.  For instance,

– Mighty Mite is considering doing a HEAVY (possibly DC…that guy is a frickin beast and if any of us can do it, he for surely can).  Also, he is a closet-case Hair Band Rocker…alone at night practicing his air guitar…The national competitions are coming up soon so let us know if you are entering and the SPEARHEAD Pax will come and root you on!

– Angler is a total warhorse as he rucked with us while having a foot injury.  I am not sure we know of another person as strong as this guy…but someone please find that spare part he’s been asking for since Tuesday.  This way MAngler will be off his case

– Clueless took a year off last year for health reasons and instead of going to the gym to get in shape, this guy did tons of research online about military workouts and GORUCK…somehow found us and has committed this year to getting in the best shape he is able.  As he learns we may have to change his name because he started off clueless but now becoming more and more obsessed…he fits right in

– Liquor Cycle loves music without words…almost like the stuff you hear if ever at a rave.  I hear he even has a purple hair wig that he wears at night, long eye lashes, tongue ring, glow sticks and glow in the dark undies.  Needless-to-say…#superfreak!

– BTB is quite possibly the fastest moving 230LBS power-walker alive, and if you ever ask him to ruck somewhere his mind is like Rucking ADD…his ideas come flying even faster than he moves.  10 mile rucks turn into 26 mile rucks in an instant…routes are planned and everyone is committed to it without even knowing.  I think this guy has the Jedi Mind Trick on people

– Wolfman is fighting embracing the Suck, however I believe he is going to overcome that beast soon.  He powered through that log today, but we may ask him to take it home an sleep with it so he can become more comfortable carrying that thing.  Also, let’s get him a Flavor Flave Clock to wear around his neck as his M owns his time in the morning and has to scoot out 15 minutes early each day.  Almost like at sunrise, the Wolf will lose his powers and had to run from the light, lol.

– As for me…nothing to say about myself…that’s what the comment section is for below.  Roast Away!

Sorry for the late post, just worked all day and had meetings.

As always, great workout and honored to lead such fine individuals.


The Hoff

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BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

You guys know you love my fast pace work!

I’ve been known to move with a purpose when it comes to planning something. And yeah, you’re all HC to the 23 miler at lightning pace. Heavy isn’t for everyone 😉

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