Devil’s Turn – Tempo Edition

Devil’s Turn – Tempo Edition

9 men set out for a 6 mile Tempo run this morning at Devil’s Turn.  Groups formed and the 2nd F was also present. 

The Thang:

– Ran 1 mile warmup

– 1 mile to track

– 2 miles on track (1 mi CCW, 1 mi CW)

– Some Mary to gather the PAX before setting off for the 2 miles back to COT


– Rock Thrill came in hot today right as we were getting ready to leave.  Haggis actually got there early (there is a first for everything), and Bratwurst was so late, he just met us at the track.  (he is lucky he is a speed demon and can do that type of thing).  Bratwurst was also on a different plan today so he was a bit scarce (too fast). 

– Once 4 laps were complete on the track, YHC (being OCD about balance) proposed to reverse direction for the following 4 laps.  This had a very confusing effect on the rest of the PAX, but perhaps provided a distraction from the potential boredom of running on a track. 

– Natural groups formed during the Tempo run and it seemed there was a good 2nd F effect for the workout.  I personally appreciated the company (and periodic push) from Fletch and Fraiser. 

– Haggis and Turkey Leg are nursing injuries and prayers go out for quick recovery.  Strong work on the run though brothers. 

– Based on the expression on everyone’s face coming into COT, the Tempo run achieved the goal of getting the heart rate high and holding it there for the extended run.  Great push by all!

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10 years ago

The resurgence of Devil’s Turn is great. Thanks for the leadership HB! Too bad no one was there for the 2nd F with my group. Music provided company but little ‘push’.

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