Where were you guys?

Where were you guys?

The Thang
A chilly morning in the gloom today…so a workout to keep us moving seemed like a good idea to warm everyone up. It worked!

Jog to church entrance at Hwy 51
SSH x30
Jog to intersection of Hwy 51 & Elm
IW x25
Jog to intersection of Elm & Bevington
Squats x 20
Jog to intersection of Bevington & Rea
Merkins x 15
Jog to church entrance on Rea
Burpees x 10

Bear crawl to top of hill
Lunge walk back down hill
Repeato x2 + 1 extra Bear crawl up the hill

Jog to baseball field, Find a partner and a mutually agreeable rock
Partner 1 bear crawls bases
Partner 2 bicep curls until partner finishes

Partner 1 runs foul pole to foul pole and back to home base
Partner 2 Tricep extensions

Partner 1 sprints bases
Partner 2 overhead presses

Repeat all exercises – audible only sprint bases to save time

Take rocks home and jog to shovel flag for 6 MOM
LBC x20
Flutter x 20
Dolly x20

Apparently some of the pax are being paid or begged to show up down the street at DV. It was their loss this morning as 8 men showed up and got their money’s worth. Well maybe 7 of us did…Strikeout rolled in after the rest of us started our stroll down Hwy 51. We ran to Elm, to Bevington, and back up to the notorious entrance 3, and it was then that Strikeout found us after searching every corner of the Calvary campus and getting into his car to hunt us down. Glad you found us brother…and it sounds like you still got in your running as you combed the place looking for us.

A special call-out to Udder, our lone rucker this morning. Not exactly a super, ruck-friendly workout this morning with all of the running and bear crawling, but what workout is ruck-friendly?

Great job by all the pax this morning! It was an honor leading you.

Contact Baracus if you are interested in participating in the Blue Ridge Relay

Udder is hosting a Cornhole tournament to raise funds for a mission trip. Date: 1/18/14, 12pm-5pm. Entrance fee $40 – Register at http://goo.gl/bVjxRi

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