Burpee Assault

Burpee Assault

32 (including 1 FNG) stepped up to the plate for a Death Valley beatdown this morning.  8 also had some pre-workout KB fever.


Ready, set, go…


10 burpees OYO (Everyone loves this!)


Warm-up jog on dirt trail around baseball field and over to right-center field


  • Burpees x 10
  • SSH x 20
  • Burpees x 9
  • IW x 20
  • Burpees 8
  • Monkey Humpers x 7 (Spotlight was pointed on YHC and I took a good heckling from the peanut gallery)
  • Burpees x 7
  • Diamond Merkins x 10
  • Burpees x 6
  • CDD x 10
  • Burpees x 5
  • Squats x 10
  • Burpees x 4
  • LBC’s x 20
  • Burpees x 3
  • 1 legged burpees (R) x 5
  • Burpees x 2
  • 1 legged burpees (L) x 5
  • Burpees x 1

Mosey to infield for some work on the base paths:

  • Round 1 – 20 jump squats at each base; bear crawl in between bases; jump squats until all have arrived home.
  • Round 2 – 20 merkins at each base; lunge walk in between bases; merkins until all have arrived home.


Baseball Field Circuit:

  • Dips x 20
  • Pull-ups x 20
  • Step ups x 20
  • Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 sets of each


Mosey to the football field.

Line it up along the goalpost. Complete the called exercise.  Run 120yds to the other goalpost. Complete the called exercise again. Run it back the 120yds. Plank.  Called exercises:

  • 10 Heels to Heaven
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 30 Dollies




  • There’s nothing like a burpee ladder right out of the chute.  Throw in some other exercises during an extended COP, and the tone was set early.
  • The crowd was quite lively this morning, taking every opportunity to harrass the QIC.  There were comments about getting too muddy, about a FIA workout and about the monkey humpers of course.  I’m sure I missed out on many more.
  • For the running/core portion, the weinke called for a ladder up to 50 reps and back down.  YHC must have written up the weinke based on a 60 minute Saturday workout as we ran out of time this morning.
  • Welcome to our FNG Airball (Marcus), who earned war baby honors at his first post.  His rainbow colored basketball shoes (which were untied the entire workout) drew a lot of attention during COT.  And what kind of friend headlock’s an FNG and doesn’t remind him to wear gloves, especially when it’s 32 degrees.  C’mon, Skywalker!  Good work out there, Airball.  Hope to see you back out soon.
  • T-claps to Busch for orchestrating the pre-workout KB routine.  That’s good stuff.
  • Let me know if you’re interested in Qing Death Valley and I’ll get you on the schedule. 
  • Thanks for coming out to Death Valley.  It’s always a pleasure to lead such a strong group.



  • HDHH tonight – 6 pm at The Lodge
  • Blue Ridge Relay sign-ups going on now.  Contact Baracus to sign up or with questions.
  • All workouts on MLK Day expected to stay on normal schedule.  Check twitter and/or weekly email for any updates. 

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10 years ago

Surrounded by a couple of Brits at one point this morning [Bulldog and Sussudio]… could’nt comprehend everything they said [needed an “English-American” dictionary], but lot’s of talk about pitches and sunday soccer with the lads.

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