What Rain?????

What Rain?????

10 of Union County’s finest rose up on this beautiful day, energized, charged, ready to attack and prepared to take in their daily dose of downpainment!  Today, their only option was the MURPH…



Mosey to the Track 


4X400 (mile 1)  **actually .9994** but we’ll make up the distance from the VSF to the track.

  • 50 merkins at the end of each circuit
    • Round 1 complete (200 merkins)


Run the circuit around all 3 campuses to complete Mile 2!  No man left behind style!


Head for cover

  • Set up 2 stations
    • Station 1 is the pull-up (X100)
    • Station 2 is squats (X300)
      • Everyone can do each exercise at their own pace and split it up

THE END….. (2 miles x100 pull-ups, x200 merkins & x300 squats)

  • Extra Credit (Jack Web led by Swiss Miss)  x1 merkin by x4 airpresses up to x10 merkins


10 men got after it this morning and got after it they did.  Even though not everyone was able to attend the previous nights viewing — the energy was high and the PAX was eager, which was good because there was much work to be done.

The temps were cozy and the weather comfortable until Cantore called in an air assault of 35 mph gust winds accompanied with sideways silver dollar size pancake rain drops right out of the gate out on the track. (they hurt)  The PAX persevered though without hesitation.

The mumble chatter was low other than encouragement as everyone was concentrating on the task at hand and pushing through.  There were even a few partner carries involved during mile 2 picking up Boondock  bringing him home which was quite impressive.

Impressive performance by all as everyone pushed themselves to the fullest.  What we didn’t see coming (nobody saw this) was that Swiss Miss had a little extra in the tank.  That being so and we had a few minutes left, he calls out “how about a little jack webb to finish us off”.  #brutalbrother  Sure there was mumble chatter and such but the PAX indeed finished as a unit!

For those who have yet to experience Outland, be on the lookout for Double “E” and the yodler Swiss Miss.  They’re proven and ready to take the helm.  I guarantee it won’t be for the weak or weary!!!

Well done to all and it was certainly my pleasure to lead such a strong group of fine young men out.  It was an honor!

Zip – OUT

The End


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10 years ago

Out with the booger head all week. What better way to recover than rolling around in 33 degree mud and ice rain!

Boondock says he loved it. He will do anything for the hot chocolate at Starbucks (except clean his Legos up).

Hair Band
10 years ago

Little did I know that specific pair of sweatpants I had on have a special water absorbing sponge function. Those things got heavy!

Knowing we were doing this to honor Lt. Murphy and others that serve, the constant voice in my head was saying “EMBRACE THE SUCK!” The PAX all did that Saturday and pushed through and it was great to be a part of it!

The Late Show
The Late Show
10 years ago

Sorry I missed this one… nice work!

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