Picking Up The Pace at SPEARHEAD

Picking Up The Pace at SPEARHEAD

10 SPEARHEADs came out in the cold this morning to continue work on rucking speed and pace.

The Thang:

  • 0345 – Extra credit ruck launch – 3 Miles
  • 0445 – Launch from back parking lot
  • 10 Men, 40lb Sandbag, Full Water Can
  • We followed the same route from last week.
  • Our goal this week was to end with 6 miles, but the addition of a new coupon (water jug) seemed to put a slight damper on the pace.
  • 5.9 miles was our final distance with an average pace of 15:20/mi


  • Strong work out there today.  At times we were moving very quick, and it was tough to keep it up with the coupons in tow.
  • We have started to see some new faces around SPEARHEAD over the last couple weeks as training ramps up for the Custom Challenge, Custom Heavy, and other non-F3 challenges that the PAX are participating in.  It’s been great to get to know some new PAX and welcome them in to the fun and fellowship that comes along with distance rucking.
  • Dallas sent Gulfstream down from the North to get some intel on the confederate squad.  We enjoyed having him, but we had to keep our civil war secrets to ourselves for the duration of the ruck.
  • I know some of you would rather be carrying 150 pounds each of trees and whatnot instead of focusing on speed.  Hoff will be sure to quench that thirst for you very soon….
  • At one point today, Hoff picked up a dead Christmas tree from the side of the road and carried it a few blocks.  Mighty Mite carried a log he found in someone’s trash for about two miles.  These guys were just looking for ways to make their morning more painful.  Strong work, guys!
  • Thanks for letting me lead two weeks in a row, I enjoyed it and I hope that you got something good out of it.


SPEARHEAD Civil War workout is coming up in February.  The North SPEARHEAD will face off against the South SPEARHEAD.  Contact your team’s general if you want to participate.  The Hoff is leading the South, Dallas is leading the North.

DREDD is coming down to Q SPEARHEAD South on 1/17, I hope we will see everyone out for this special guest Q!


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The Hoff
10 years ago

I love these longer rucks! Great F2 moments out there and dont let BTB fool you, that guy is a power-walking machine…moving out there just like one of those people you see walking like they are going to stomp holes in the ground, wearing a headband, leggings, wristbands, smiling ear-to-ear as his arms move in a controled but powerful up-dowm swinging motion. At times he was 30 yards or so ahead of the Pax. And this guy did the Pre-Ruck! We all have our strengths and BTS’s power-walk is so good, he can enter a competition soon.

10 years ago

The Hoff asked that I post some info on the socks and gloves I used for 421 (aka SnowRuck) for those of you doing cold weather challenges. I wore Swiftwick Performance Seven socks: http://www.swiftwick.com/performance-seven-black-9611-prd1.htm and never switched them out. I was wearing Saucony Peregrine 2s, which aren’t really insulated at all, but had no problem keeping my feet warm. I highly recommend all of the Swiftwick socks. They may be expensive, but after you wear a pair you’ll understand why. Swiftwick has some other warmer versions if your feet get cold easily.

For gloves, I wore Atlas Therma Fits: http://www.atlasfitgloves.com/atlasthermalgloves.html and never changes them (even after the welcome party in the snow and bear crawls up and down the back steps at AG). You can get them at Blackhawk Hardware.

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