New Site Brings New Life to Rebel Yell

New Site Brings New Life to Rebel Yell


The VSF was planted and like the Phoenix rising from the ashes Rebel Yell was reborn, full of new life, as 17 Faithful thawed out at it’s new urban location – Stonecrest.

The Thang

Frasier came screaming in at the last possible moment and caught up to the pax on our leisurely meander past the cinema to the parking lot behind Jersey Mike’s for a little warm up.


SSH x 40 (last 10 fast)

Slow Squat x 30

Rock hoppers x 20

Tighten up the circle for a little Ring of Fire with Up Downs – pigskin style.  Down when you heard the whistle.  #crowdpleaser

Mosey towards speed bumps

Karoake Right/Left, High Knees, Butt Kicks, backwards run – about 200 yards worth.

Mosey up Grandfather Mtn’s nephew across Elm Ln to Ballantyne Trace.

Split into 3 groups – group 1 at top of street; group 3 at bottom; group 2 runs down to replace 3, 3 runs up to replace 1 etc….(audible had to be called – more in moleskin)

1st round

Top:  Merkins

Bottom:  CDD’s

2nd round

Top:  Mtn Climbers

Bottom:  Hand release Merkins

Mosey back to Stonecrest for a some ‘Semi Gloss’ behind the movie theatre.

90 secs then 10 merkins

60 secs then 20 CDD’s – another audible thanks to Radar

Mosey back to parking lot for some Hill Mary

Group 1 bear crawls up hill and back down while group 2 does The Dolly – flapjack

Group 1 dragon crawls up and down while group 2 does the Rosalita – flapjack

Group 1 dragon crawls up and down while group 2 does The J Lo – flapjack

Group 1 crab walks up and down while group 2 does burpees – flapjack


No WhiskeyDicking around this morning for the 2nd week of ‘Re-Rebel Yell’.  Matter of fact, I think we may have broken a record for Rebel Yell counts.  Part of the reason why we changed locations.  Glad to see that decision is bringing more PAX out on Thursdays.  Keep it coming.

YHC had more plans with that whistle today besides the Ring of Fire Up Downs but plans change, like they always do.  Figured it would come in handy during ROF as when mumble chatter was heard the whistle was blown.  There were quite a few whistles but surely not too many.

To think that YHC had Ballantyne Trace figured out would be a misconception.  An audible had to be called right away for a shorter run distance to help out with the chest and shoulder domination that was taking place.  Sorry for the confusion but hopefully you got something from it.

Glad to see Radar was able to whine his way into posting today.  Next time, do what I do.  Tell, don’t ask.  Recipe for a successful marriage.  And that’ll be $150.  Had his flatulence not choked YHC during the ‘Semi Gloss’ there would have been round 3.

Speaking of Semi Gloss, a bonus to all of us during this Arctic Vortex has been his inability to go all Chippendale on us.  Thank you Mother Nature.

Appreciate Semi Gloss taking us out in prayer.

As always, twas an honor to lead this morning.


Don’t forget to sign up if you want to attend the Lone Survivor this Friday at Cinebarre.  Limited space available.  Cash only.  Check website.  2nd F to take place in the lobby at Cinebarre (they have a full bar) starting at 7 or at The Lodge starting at or around the same time.  Also bring a few extra dollars if you participated in the Joe Davis Run and forgot to donate for the bagels and coffee.

BRR interest email went out last night.  Email Baracas at if you are interested in joining a team this year.

All Area 51 locations will be doing ‘The Murph’ this Saturday.  And no, this wasn’t a former F3’er who passed away rucking the 485 loop in sub 0 temps.  Check the website for more details as a convergence will be starting at #F3TheRock at 7am.






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Purple Haze
10 years ago

The serene picture of Rebel Yell I painted a few weeks back went out the window as we lurked behind a suburban shopping center and then dodged cars crossing Elm in Yankeetyne. However, I will say that the Jersey Mike’s dumpsters did smell better than the Polo Ridge Port-a-johns.

Nice workout Spack! A true shoulder punisher.

Note: The JLo should remain a Maul exclusive. #hurtful

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