Does the clay tell the potter what to do?

Does the clay tell the potter what to do?

5 pax posted for another Thursday gathering of The Yardstick.  Agony had posted at Bastion prior, but the rest had not hit a 1st F workout prior to the 3rd F workout.

The Thang:

Great discussion and insight from all the pax — focused principally on how we so often try to limit God’s intentions and his ways to what we can conceive or imagine.  We try to shrink him down to our size.  Pretty prideful to assume our finite, limited minds can fully discern His plan for this world.  (Isaiah 55: 8-9)

If we can allow ourselves to be humbled (which He will do to us whether we want to be humbled or not), then maybe, just maybe, we’ll be willing to admit that His plan is actually better than ours.

Other questions to ponder included:

* Is there really one way to God?  John 14:6

* Is there really one name by which we must be saved?  Acts 4:12

* Is there really a Book of Life?  If so, how do we get our names in its pages?

As always, it’s a highlight of YHC’s week to be a part of this 3rd F group.  Special welcome to Tank who joined The YardStick pax for the first time.  Come back brother.  All are welcome.  The invitation is for all.


Next week: How would you want your obituary to read?  What do you want people to say of you when you die?


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