1 49er Faithful

1 49er Faithful

Trash talking Mighty Mite suggested after Sunday’s Niner victory that I should make The Maul workout this week a Panther vs 49er theme.  I took the youngster’s  suggestion and 7 men got an earful of Niner history.

Warm up, mosey to Firebirds parking lot

  • SSH 25
  • IWS 25
  • MTN 30
  • Plank hold with some 6″ mixed in

Quick mosey to wall

  • Dips 30
  • hand release MERKINS 20

MM couldn’t control himself and started trash talking. Something about the hand release MERKINS looking like Kaepernick getting sacked.

  • Dips 30
  • hand release MERKINS X 0, or number of Panther Superbowl trophies
  • hand release MERKINS x5, or number of Niner Super Bowl trophies
  • hand release MERKINS x16, or the number of the greatest NFL QB, Joe Montana

mosey to ATM, don’t scare the gentleman withdrawing cash


  • high knees
  • shuffle
  • back pedal
  • shuffle


  • burpee broad jump
  • plank walk
  • backwards bear crawl
  • plank walk


  • high knees
  • shuffle
  • back pedal
  • shuffle

Mosey to Hill

Hill Ladder with turkish get ups. 1(CAM) to 7(KAP).

Circle for Mary

  • Flutter 25
  • Dolly 25
  • Mason Twist 30
  • Side crunch 15 each side (Spackler had a fancy F3 name for it, but the cold has clouded my memory)
  • JLO 30 (Maul fan favorite)

Rinse off with Burpees 15, Crabtree’s number.



Frehleys rolled up at the last second, I asked him if he needed to warm up a bit, he said he was good to go.  A lot of the usual SOBs were in attendance. Spackler, Rebel Yell Q, made just his 2nd Maul appearance.  He was doing his homework trying to get used to his new Thursday workout surroundings.

At the start of the workout there was a lot of chatter about fingertips being frozen.  I think the burpee broad jump fixed the issue.  Market Timer summed it up best calling the circuit, very unsavory.

Strong showing by the PAX this morning.  Its always an honor to lead you guys.   MM on Q next week.  He’ll certainly be in a salty mood after Sunday’s defeat.


Friday is The Lone Survivor movie night.  I read the book and can’t wait to see the movie.   I highly recommend it.  See you there.  Bring some extra cash to pitch in for the Joe Davis Run coffeeteria that some of the Pax provided.

Reminder: Rebel Yell is now at Stonecrest Thursdays.  Same spot as The Maul.







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10 years ago

Great lead MC! Love the site. So many painful options to ponder as I develop a game plan for tomorrow’s RY. Look forward to having you jump in the Q rotation at RY if you are ever interested.

Quick story – I grew up a 49’ers fan until I moved to DC back in 88. Reason I became a fan was because we were lucky enough to sit right next to the great Joe Montana on a flight from San Fran to LA back in 1986 and he couldn’t have been nicer. My brothers and I spoke with he and his agent for the entire flight (all of about 30 min), he signed autographs for us…it was great. We got off the plane and were telling my Dad the story, as he was waiting for us at the airport. He didn’t believe us. As we were going down the escalator to baggage claim, Joe and his agent passed us going down the stairs and he turned and acknowledged my Mom, brothers and I and wished us a great time at Disneyland. My Dad’s jaw dropped.

That being said, while I still pull for the 49’ers……not this weekend! BOOOM BOOOM BOOOM BOOOOM! #keepPOUNDING Panthers!

Mighty Mite
10 years ago

I was born in 1986 so I wasn’t able to really take in any of the 49ers glory days. The Panthers started up about the time I was starting to get interested in football so I’ve been a Panthers fan for life. KEEP POUNDING!

I’m very thankful that MC didn’t make us honor Jerry Rice during the last round of burpees. That would have been harsh…

Reply to  Mighty Mite
10 years ago

Who knew that 15 burpees OYO would sound so good?!

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