4 PAX today took advantage of a balmy Monday morning to get some pain in with the kettlebells. 

The Thang:

Mosey to lower parking lot for: SSH x 25, IW x 20, Slow Squats x 20 and Merkins x 15.

Head to the field and “triangle up.”  New term for when there are only 3 PAX around the Q.

Monkey Humpers + Burpees on a “Jack Webb” count. 1 burpee, 4 monkey humpers, etc., up to 5 and back down.  You feel this one in the quads!

Alternate exercises w/ half field sprints carrying the bell: 2 hand swings x 20, KB merkins x 20, suitcase squates x 20, rows x 20, squat and press x 15, upright rows x 20, hammer curls x 20, tricep presses x 20.

Long mosey over to pull up bars.  Alternate Mary and pull-ups for 5 sets.  Mary = dolly presses, Freddie Mercury, flutter presses, russian twists, LBCs.

Grab wall and do 3 x 1 min each in people’s chair position: sack draggers, upright rows, curl and press.  Mosey back.

Moleskin: Migthy Mite rucked it to and from so special respect to him!  No new announcements other than Lone Survivor Premier this weekend.  Oh, and one announcement that FC turns 50 Feb 3.  Mark your calendars!

Thanks to the guys who came out.  We put in the work this morning and it felt good.

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10 years ago

Sorry i missed. couldn’t get out of the fartsack this morning. I have FC bday on file so we don’t miss it. It is a Monday (Foxhole) adventure!

Mighty Mite
10 years ago

I’ll probably use my weekly fartsack pass tomorrow when it is 9 degrees outside.

10 years ago

I’ve got a fart-scuse for week. M is out.

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