Shake off that weight!

Shake off that weight!

16 fine fellas ventured out into the Arctic blast along with their favorite home fitness equipment for some New Year pain.


10 burpees on your own
Mosey to parking lot
SSH x 25
Squat jacks x 15
Merkins x 12
Parker Peters x 12
MC’s x 20
Slow squats x 15

Hill ladder. Burpees at top and squat jumps at bottom 1-7.

Mosey to school.
45 secs on 15 off.
Tethered bear crawl touching chalk.
Shake weight.
Push up handles.
Box jumps.
Squats with sandbag.
Stretchy band curls.
Perfect push ups.
Ab roller.
Jump rope.
Tricep dips.
Push up handles.
Medicine balls squats/throws.
KB good mornings
KB curls.
Repeato with 30 secs on and 10 off.


I think Hairband tweeted that there are several exercises or contraptions that causes one to question his manhood. The thigh master being one, the hand on hip Cleveland County viaduct, and even the Rosalita being others. Today however many of us got to experience the Shake Weight for the first time. Although it may not be as girly looking as the exercises mentioned above, there is an awkwardness about this one, and you would rather not shake it while staring at a bunch of lads. It seemed though that Hacker (as the War Daddy) had a great technique and many of us could only admire the way he shook and circled that thing around. The young 22 year old FNG Fast Cash was the only one keeping up with Radar on the tethered bear crawl but he still had a lot of catching up to do when it came to the Shake Weight.
The person performing the bear crawl was prime pickings for some haggling from the pax and I think Semi Gloss got a nice dose as he showed off his six pack in the freezing temps.
Sound off below if I missed anything.
Thanks for showing up today and keeping up with your resolutions!

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Hair Band
10 years ago

Great Q Bulldog, next time can you turn the heat up a little though?

While I thought I had yankee blood in me still, TR was a beast (or crazy?) for going with a t-shirt and shorts in the “RealFeel” 7 degree weather! (24 but that wind was constant)

Minimal posting and eating tasty but crappy food the past few weeks really took a toll on me, glad to be back and looking forward to getting in better shape!

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