Spending New Years Eve At Times Square

Spending New Years Eve At Times Square

Posted on behalf of Iron Horse

7 men chose to join the fun at SPEARHEAD, ensuring they would not make the midnight ball drop this evening….so we took a stroll around the Carmel Middle School Times Square instead .

The Thang:

Stroll down to the football field for COP (Rucks off):

  • SSH x 15 IC
  • IW x 15 IC
  • Mt Climber x 15 IC
  • LBC x 15 IC

Rucks ON and New’s Years Hats distributed.
Line up at the 50 yard Times Square for broken 8 count burpees as follows:

  • 15 Low Slow Squats – then run 50 yds to next cone.
  • 15 Groiners – then run 50 yds to next cone.
  • 15 Plank Jacks – then run 50 yds to next cone.
  • 15 Merkins – then run 50 yds back to starting cone
  • 15 Jump Squats

Rinse and Repeat with 10 Reps.
Rinse and Repeat with 5 Reps.

As someone in the PAX correctly pointed out that we should limit our running under weight, we changed theme.

Partner Up – size doesn’t matter.
Hooters passed out (no, the ones that play music….no, the ones you put in your…..ok, forget it).

Around the Square:

  • P1: begins squats while P2 bear crawls to cone 25 yds out.
  • Once P2 arrives at cone he calls out SET, and begins squatting while P1 bear crawls to join him.
  • Continue this way around Square in 25 meter increments (200 meters total).

SPEARHEAD REST = Dolly’s in cadence while pressing ruck + 15 curls.

Back to start:

  • Same cycle as above with Merkins and Lunge Walks (in 25 meter increments for total of 200 meters).

SPEARHEAD REST = Flutters in cadence while pressing ruck + 15 overhead presses.

Back to start:

  • Same cycle as above with Backwards Bear crawls and Rolling Merkins
  • [audible called as both the Backward Bear crawls and the Rolling Merkins did not illicit the New Year’s spirit: stopped at 100 meters total]

SPEARHEAD REST = Louganis with Ruck + 15 Squatting O/H Presses.

Cool Down: 15 x CDD OYO.


  • It was a pleasure to return to the SPEARHEAD playground after misplacing (?) my Ruck the past 8 weeks.
  • YHC tried to add a flavor of the GRC Welcome Party (= tedious and unpleasant) to the morning’s fun.
  • Good work by everyone – nice way to close out the year.


  • New Year’s Day convergence at #F3DeathValley, S Charlotte Middle School: 0700
  • Saturday convergence in Fort Mill for the Joe Davis 5K…0700 for F3 workout, 0800 2ndF, 0900 5K. Sign-up is still open.
  • SPEARHEAD BREW Ruck on 1/11/2014.  Sign up at www.SPEARHEADf3.com .  There is a patch for this event!
  • Plethora of other SPEARHEAD and GoRuck-related activities in the next months – which you can read in your 10 daily emails.

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The Hoff
10 years ago

Great to have you back Iron Horse and excellent Q!! I have to say, breathing with a Kazoo in your mouth while whined and doing Bear Crawls was a whole lot harder than I imagined…surprised I didn’t accidentally swallow that thing.
Highlight of the routine for me was at the end when Rev Flo Rida said..”alright, I’m hooked! I’ll be back each week with you crazy guys”..(or something like that). Proud to train with you Rev!!

And, nice to FINALLY get Radar out to our site..it’s been a while and no one can backwards Bear Crawl better than you! I believe there was some motivation there as Dora was behind you…wood?

Iron Horse
10 years ago

An honor to lead the pax at Spearhead. i had another 1/2 hour still on the Weinke so i guess i’ll need to come back. [did you all note the Spearhead billboard at the top right of the Times Square photo…..Big time!]. happy new year to all.

10 years ago

I noticed after you pointed it out. Pretty cool. Great job yesterday.

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